From Homemaker To Entrepreneur, Meet Induben Khakhrawala

An inspiration to many, here’s everything you need to know about Induben Khakhrawala.

Published On Mar 28, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


The name Induben Khakhrawala is closely associated with the traditional Indian snack known as khakhra. In India, khakhra, a crispy, thin flatbread made of wheat flour, is a favourite snack food. Since 1965, Induben Khakhrawala has been producing and marketing khakhra in Ahemdabad, Gujarata The brand is now widely available worldwide and has become a household name in India.

Induben Patel started her business from home where she would make and sell khakhra to her neighbours and local community. Based on the positive response, she ultimately made the decision to launch her own company, creating Induben Khakhrawala. But her journey has not been simple and was a challenging one. The brand first had a number of difficulties, including scarcity of resources, a lack of promotion, and rivalry with other regional producers. Yet Induben Patel's commitment and labour of love paid off, as her khakhra rose to fame in Ahmedabad.

Jitendra Patel, Induben Patel's son, joined the company in the 1980s and significantly contributed to growing the brand's recognition. Under his direction, Induben Khakhrawala began utilising contemporary equipment to boost production and enhance her khakhra's quality. Together with opening new stores across the nation, the company started to grow its distribution network.

The dedication to quality that Induben Khakhrawala has is one of its distinctive features. The company guarantees that each khakhra receives care and attention to detail and only employs the highest quality ingredients. Moreover, a variety of tastes, such as plain, masala, jeera, methi, and many others, are available under this brand.

Induben Khakhrawala has also used creative marketing strategies. The company has consistently placed an emphasis on fostering a strong customer base and has faith in the effectiveness of word-of-mouth advertising. In order to reach a larger audience, the company has also utilised social media and other digital platforms.

Induben Khakhrawala is currently a well-known brand in India and is well-represented abroad. The company has received recognition from numerous governmental agencies and won numerous awards for its quality and creativity.

While Induben Patel passed away in 2016, her legacy is still felt today. The company is now operated by her son Jitendra Patel, who has carried on his mother's tradition. The company presently operates more than 200 retail locations across India and sells its products in many other nations.

Induben Khakhrawala is a company that epitomises the spirit of entrepreneurship in India, to sum it up. Induben Patel's growth from producing khakhra at home to starting a prosperous business is evidence of her perseverance and hard work. In India, the brand is now well-known and popular among snackers. The brand of Induben Khakhrawala has stood out in a crowded market thanks to its dedication to quality and innovation, and it is positioned for even greater success in the future.

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