8 Best Romantic Korean Dramas On Netflix Worth Binge Watching

Explore some of the best romantic Korean dramas on Netflix with us and swoon over the charm and cuteness of the world of K-dramas.

Published On Jun 28, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


India, and the world in fact, have all been under the strong influence of the Hallyu wave for quite some time now. The Hallyu wave, as it is called, or the Korean wave, has experienced an unprecedented peak, thanks to a rise in access to streaming platforms, the increase in global awareness and the pandemic which brought the daily lives of people to a halt. Things like K-Pop, Korean beauty items and Korean dramas are all the rage now. Korean dramas, or k-dramas, as they are called, have reeled people in and gotten them hooked. K-dramas have a unique appeal to them as they help escape the dreary confines and the stress of life and help viewers escape to a different world. Combine this fact with enthralling storylines with riveting twists and whatnot, mesmerising chemistry between the lead characters which has the viewer rooting for them whole-heatedly, the whole package is irresistible. Read on and let us help you add some great suggestions to your Netflix watchlist.

Best romantic Korean dramas on Netflix worth binge watching

A romantic Korean drama set against the backdrop of the corporate world makes for a wonderful watch. The male lead character is a young hotshot CEO called Lee Young-Joon, portrayed by Park Seo-Joon. Depicted to be a bit narcissistic but very sincere and attentive, he is a treat to watch, perfectly complemented by the female lead, his secretary, Kim Mi-So, played by Park Min-Young. The show is a perfect blend of swoon-worthy romance, intense drama and humour. When Lee Young-Joon’s secretary announces her intent to quit after a successful run of nine long years, he scrambles to find the solution to this new situation, which leads to hilarious and romantic moments. This series is rightfully called one of the best romantic Korean dramas on Netflix.

Another series set in the backdrop of the corporate world, this Korean drama is a refreshing watch. When the female lead, portrayed by Kim Se-Jeong, pretends to be her best friend on a blind date on her request, things take a hilarious turn when the guy, the male lead, played by Ahn Hyo-Seop turns out to be the CEO of her company. As the girls go about hiding the truth from the CEO and his equally charming secretary, their adventures form the crux of the story. This K-drama is a must-watch for the sizzling chemistry between the characters, and the mirthful moments making it one of the best Korean dramas on Netflix.

This K-drama is based on a popular webtoon of the same name. The plot of the series revolves around the female lead, played by Han So-Hee, who does not believe in love and fate anymore after getting her heart broken, and the male lead, played by Song Kang, who is simply not interested in interacting with other people. The plot goes on as it explores what happens when these two characters start getting attracted to each other but try to fight their feelings at the same time. Some amazing moments between the couple, and their excellent chemistry are sure-fire ways to have you hooked.

This K-drama is a sci-fi drama, revolving around the possible existence of a multiverse. The male lead, played by Lee Min-Ho, is the ruler of Corea, shown to be one of the worlds, whereas the female lead, played by Kim Go-Eun, is shown to be a police officer in Korea in another version of the world. The plot is defined by the entanglement of the two and the love that brews between them. How their love-filled emotions, intense drama and playful teasing, win against evil plans and conspiracies is a treat for the viewers to watch.

A wholesome K-drama to watch, this is the story of a South Korean heiress, played by Son Ye-Jin, who unfortunately crashes into North Korea while paragliding. An attractive and honourable North Korean soldier, a captain in the military, played by Hyun Bin, comes to her rescue. As he hides her until she can safely cross back into South Korea, she starts developing feelings for her rescuer. The emotional rollercoaster of the star-crossed lovers makes for a sweet watch. This K-drama is justifiably the best romantic Korean drama on Netflix and is often the first K-drama show viewers watch to fall in love with the genre.

Our Beloved Summer narrates the story of a young student couple who fall in love while in high school, filming a documentary. They part ways after a few years, vowing to never see each other again only to cross paths when the female lead, played by Kim Da-Mi, realises that the famous illustrator she hoes to get for one of her events is none other than her ex-boyfriend, the male lead who is portrayed by Choi Woo-Shik. How they navigate their bitter-sweet feelings and whether they find their way to each other again is what makes for a gripping watch.

A fantasy K-drama, this series tells the story of a thousand years old former mountain deities, the male lead who is portrayed by Lee Dong-Wook, gave up his deity status to be able to reunite with his first love, who he lost in a tragic situation. Now on the lookout for his lover, he stumbles onto the radar of a producer of a paranormal series, the female lead, played by Jo Bo-Ah. How these characters come together to fight against evil forces, while also fighting for their love is bound to reel you in and have you on the edge of your seat, thanks to its shocking twists and revelations.

This sweet K-drama makes for a delightful watch. Viewers will find themselves smiling along as they watch the female lead, played by Shin Min-a, a dentist from a big city who suddenly upends her life and ends up in a small town, meets the charming people and slowly starts developing feelings for the male lead, played by Kim Seon-Ho, a happy-go-lucky helpful guy. Their love, free from the twists and turns of other romantic K-dramas, is a cute, wholesome ride to go along with. This Korean drama is a must-watch when you are in the mood for something cute, romantic and light. 

Taking on multiple cultural dating taboos, this K-drama shines with its understated portrayal of relationships. Joon-hee, played by Jung Hae-in, is a video game developer who has just gotten back home from a work stint abroad and reconnects with his older sister's best friend Jin-ah, played by Son Ye-jin. The drama explores how they fall in love, the age taboo, and a secondary storyline of workplace sexism culture pretty rampant at South Korean companies. 

Set against the backdrop of Korean military services, this K-drama is an emotionally charged one. Yoo Si-jin, played by Song Joong-ki is a captain in the army who accidentally meets Dr Kang Mo-yeon, a cardiothoracic surgeon played by Song Hye-kyo. The duo falls in love but quickly part ways because of the differences in their ideologies. While Yoo Si-jin kills to save lives, Dr Kang is an ardent abider of the Hippocratic Oath. How fate brings them back together, despite all their hardships makes this celebrated K-drama with a watch. 

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