7 Most Anticipated Romantic K-Dramas Coming To Netflix In 2023

If you're a K-Drama enthusiast, get ready for a delightful treat! We've curated a list of the best romantic Korean dramas on Netflix in 2023, ready to whisk you away on an emotional rollercoaster.

Published On Aug 10, 2023 | Updated On Jul 08, 2024


In recent years, there has been an unprecedented surge in the popularity of all things Korean, leading to a significant fusion of Korean culture into people's daily lives. Korean food, K-Pop, and, of course, K-Dramas have become beloved obsessions worldwide. With their enthralling plots, captivating visuals, and an overall magnetic aura, K-Dramas have gained an immense following, turning many into devoted fans. Among them, romantic K-Dramas hold a special place, gripping viewers with their easy likability, prompting eager anticipation for weekly updates. Excitingly, we've compiled a list of the best romantic Korean dramas on Netflix that are sure to captivate your hearts and deserve a spot on your watch lists!

Best romantic Korean dramas on Netflix to look out for

Directed by the director of the famous K-Drama, Crash Landing On You, Lee Jung-Hyo, this series revolves around the lead female character, a former idol and the lead male character, a college student, stumbling into a situation that leads them to live in close quarters to each other. What follows is a lovely journey of them becoming friends and possibly more. What events make up this journey of theirs is what makes K-Drama a highly anticipated one.

Promising to be a tear-jerker, this K-Drama tells the story of the female protagonist whose boyfriend unfortunately dies a year back. Heartbroken, she struggles to get back to normal but even while doing so, she suddenly finds herself having travelled back in time back when she was a student in high school. What further confuses her is when she meets a fellow student and she finds him bearing an uncanny resemblance to her dead boyfriend. The suspense and the fantasy trope of time travel will surely make this an interesting watch.

Revolving around the lives of two successful doctors who now sadly find themselves in a slump, making them quit their jobs and explore their futures while navigating the said slump and ways to get rid of it. The growth they have as partners and individually forms the storyline of this romantic K-Drama, making it a perfect series to wait for and to add to your watch lists.

Watch as the ordinary lives of the male and female protagonists get infused with a touch of fantasy and magic. The female protagonist somehow comes into the possession of a three hundred years old book which unfortunately puts a curse on the male protagonist. Now only one can break the curse placed on the man, watch how incidents and twists with the element of magic happen and make their couple fall in love with each other while looking for a way to break the curse.

When a small-town vet, the female lead, suddenly attains psychic abilities, she struggles to bring back the normalcy of her life. When she decides to use her powers for good, she partners up with the local detective, the male lead, who helps her with solving minor crimes and also helps her to navigate her new powers. Stay tuned to when the K-Drama launches on Netflix to watch the uncommon couple fight crime while developing feelings for each other.

A normal corporate employee by day and a popular streamer by night, the female lead in this series is shown to lead a double life by hiding her real identity from her online audience, hiding behind a mask due to her low self-esteem. However, unknown to her, a colleague, the male lead, is hopelessly in love with her and unable to tell her due to his insecurity as well. This K-Drama will surely make for an interesting watch as viewers will get to witness the lead characters deal with their insecurities while navigating all twists and turns they get to face as they unexpectedly cross paths.

Marking the return of Park Seo-Joon, a famous actor, to K-Dramas after a long duration, this K-Drama will have action, suspense, fantasy as well as romance. The cast, full of talented and famous actors is a commendable ensemble making this K-Drama even more anticipated. The male lead, played by Park Seo-Joon, wealthy businessman who also happens to be a monster slayer with a partner, played by the female lead. The massive talent this K-Drama brings with its cast and the chemistry of the lead pair has made this a highly awaited K-Drama. 

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