8 Affordable Korean Skincare Brands On Our Radar

Korean Skincare is one of the best in the world. With gentle, natural ingredients that help your skin repair itself, Korean beauty secrets are making waves globally. Here are some brands you need to check out.

Published On Sep 06, 2023 | Updated On Jul 02, 2024


For quite a while now, the world has been captivated by all things Korean – be it music, dramas, cuisine, or skin care. This global trend is known as the Hallyu Wave, which has taken over various aspects of our lives. This is unsurprising, given that South Korea has become a major influencer in numerous domains, including fashion, culinary trends, and skin care.

Korean skincare requires no introduction. A glance at South Koreans leaves many of us longing for their clear and healthy skin. Their radiant complexion is nearly flawless. Rooted in their cultural practices since ancient times, Koreans approach skincare differently from other brands. While other skin care products might contain potentially skin-irritating ingredients in pursuit of heightened effectiveness, Korean skincare revolves around time-tested formulations passed down through generations. These products are crafted from gentle, natural, locally sourced ingredients renowned for their healing and rejuvenating properties. Contemporary Korean skincare places organic solutions for skin issues at its core. Below, we present some affordable Korean skincare brands that grant you entry into this marvellous new realm.

Here are some pocket-friendly Korean skincare brands to try

Laneige is one of the most well-known Korean skincare brands available in the Indian market. The brand, established back in 1994, has worked to provide hydration and relaxation to our skin to let it repair itself. Sticking to this idea since its very inception, Laneige is known for its skincare products that are built on a foundation of water science complexes. Some of the most famous skincare products of Laneige are its lip sleeping mask, water bank blue hyaluronic cream, and water sleeping mask among a wide pool of equally amazing products.

Cosrx has been a hot favourite right from its launch, back in 2013. Although comparatively new on the skincare circuit, the supreme quality of Cosrx products has made it one of the top Korean skincare brands in the world. The brand uses scientifically tested and safe ingredients while working with a simple, minimal mindset to let the product do all the necessary talking. Some of the most famous Cosrx products are its snail mucin range, hydrating pimple patches, etc.

The Face Shop was launched in 2003. The brand has always ensured to offer high-quality, premium products made from the very best natural ingredients, all at pocket-friendly prices. This has helped a large number of people gain access to the amazing offerings of Korean skincare. The Face Shop is also well-known as a brand that continues to create formulas that are simply praiseworthy for both men and women. Their rice water cleansing foam is one of the most famous products from their skincare line.

Innisfree is one of the leading names in the affordable Korean skincare space. Offering highly effective products at inexpensive prices, it is no wonder Innisfree has become a global favourite. The brand has maintained the quality of its products while also keeping them reasonably priced, a balance not many skincare brands can maintain. Hydrating serums with green tea, dewy glow jelly cream, etc. are some of Innisfree’s most famous products.  

Offering a range of highly efficient cleansers, moisturisers, serums, etc., without any unnecessary frills, this brand makes it their prime focus to make the product the star itself. A straightforward brand, translating the sentiment into its skincare range has been one of the core principles of Klairs. The supple preparation unscented toner and midnight blue calming cream, among others, are a few of the brand’s most famous products.

The Beauty of Joseon works to recreate traditional skincare recipes and techniques, that have been used by many generations of people. Maintaining the essence of these age-old practices while honouring them in new ways is what the brand works on. The brand is extremely famous for its lightweight sunscreens and serums.

Belif is a favourite of people all over for very good reasons. The brand proudly stands apart from chemical-heavy skincare products that leave the skin dry and stripped even of its natural hydration. Belif, as a skincare brand, uses herbal and natural ingredients that are well-known for their many benefits to our skin, such as rosemary, lady’s mantle, sage and peat, etc. These natural ingredients help make Belif’s skincare products light but intensely enriching for the skin. Some of the brand's famous products are the true cream aqua bomb and its counterpart, the true cream moisturising bomb.

Sulwhasoo, a brand famous for luxe skincare, is one Korean skincare brand that will have you keep coming back for more. Sulwhasoo has mastered the art of creating products that your skin will absolutely love, all by using natural ingredients. Ginseng is a primary ingredient for Sulwhasoo products, the brand has developed genomics, an exclusively proprietary ingredient after decades of research. First care activating serum, and gentle cleansing oil are some of the most famous products of Sulwhasoo. While the brand is not exactly cheap, it's fairly affordable for the quality it offers.

Disclaimer: Before incorporating the aforementioned products into your skincare routine, it's advisable to seek guidance from a dermatologist or your primary healthcare provider. Skin reactions vary based on individual sensitivities, and allergies may manifest. The benefits outlined for using the products are general and may not apply universally. Consulting a professional ensures personalised advice tailored to your specific skin type and needs.

Photo: Instagram/laneigeindia, innisfreeindia