Unveiling The Mysteries: Top 7 Most Haunted Places In Mumbai

Delve into the spectral realms of Mumbai as we unearth the paranormal tales hidden beneath the city's bustling facade.

Published On Feb 18, 2024 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


In the vast tapestry of urban life, where the hustle and bustle drown out whispers of the past, Mumbai emerges as a city with secrets lurking in every corner. Paranormal activities, once dismissed as mere myths, have woven themselves into the very fabric of this bustling metropolis. Contrary to the belief that such phenomena are confined to remote villages and forgotten towns, Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, harbours a shadowy side that refuses to be ignored.

Let's look beyond the glittering skyline and into the heart of Mumbai, where tales of the supernatural are not only whispered in the silence of the night but are also etched into the history of its prominent landmarks. Join us as we navigate through the enigmatic and eerie, exploring the top 7 most haunted places in Mumbai, a city where paranormal encounters are as much a reality as the daily grind of its inhabitants.

Top haunted places in Mumbai


Our eerie adventure begins within the heart of nature – Sanjay Gandhi National Park. While it may be a haven for wildlife enthusiasts during the day, the park takes on a different persona after dusk. Locals have reported ghostly apparitions, mysterious sounds, and an overall sense of unease, making it one of the top haunted places in Mumbai.


Once a thriving textile mill, Mukesh Mills now stands in desolation, shrouded in tales of paranormal activity. Ghostly sightings, inexplicable noises, and a lingering sense of foreboding have given this abandoned structure a reputation as one of Mumbai's spookiest places. Venture here if you dare, and witness the echoes of its haunted history.


D'Souza Chawl, located in Mahim, is infamous for the ghostly apparition of a woman in white who is said to roam the premises. Locals believe she is a vengeful spirit seeking justice for an unresolved tragedy. With its mysterious ambience, this location is a must-visit for those seeking a brush with the supernatural.


Situated in the heart of South Mumbai, the Tower of Silence is a Parsi burial ground that carries an air of mystery. According to Zoroastrian tradition, the deceased are left exposed to the elements for vultures to consume. Many locals believe that the spirits of the departed linger here, making it one of Mumbai's eeriest locations.

Grand Paradi Towers, an upscale residential complex, has a dark history of inexplicable deaths and suicides. Residents and visitors have reported unsettling experiences, including strange noises, apparitions, and an overwhelming feeling of dread. The chilling tales surrounding this modern structure make it a captivating stop on our haunted tour.


Once the site of a tragic terrorist attack in 1993, Poonam Chambers in Worli carries an air of sorrow and despair. Employees working in the rebuilt structure have reported encounters with supernatural entities, linking the premises to the tragic events of the past. The building stands as a silent witness to the dark side of Mumbai's history.


Nestled in Thane, Vrindavan Society is not only known for its lush greenery but also for its paranormal occurrences. Residents have reported ghostly apparitions, mysterious sounds, and unexplained phenomena. The stories surrounding the Vrindavan Society add a layer of mystery to this residential enclave.


Yes, most of these locations are accessible, but some may have restrictions or require permission for entry.

Locals and visitors have reported eerie encounters, making these places known for paranormal phenomena.

While many claim to have captured strange occurrences, the paranormal remains elusive and challenging to document conclusively.

While some locations may pose no physical danger, visitors are advised to respect private properties and follow safety guidelines.

Yes, many of these haunted places in Mumbai carry historical significance, with stories rooted in the city's rich cultural tapestry.

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