This Monsoon, Fall In Love With Elephant Falls In Meghalaya

Planning a vacation to Meghalaya in the monsoon? Among the countless waterfalls in Meghalaya, lies the lesser explored Elephant Falls. Here’s how to plan a trip to this natural marvel.

Published On Jul 07, 2024 | Updated On Jul 07, 2024


Situated in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, the Elephant Falls in Shillong, India, is a magnificent waterfall. Without a trip to the Elephant Falls, your exploration of the Meghalaya waterfalls is not complete. These falls, which are 12 km from Shillong and are well-known for their beauty and serene settings, got their name from the elephant-shaped rock formations that surround them. However, the elephant-shaped rock that inspired the name, given by the British, was destroyed in an earthquake over a century ago, so while you might not find the elephant, the falls are just as mesmerising as ever.

A mountain stream that falls over several levels and cuts through the slope of trees gives rise to the Elephant waterfall. In addition to allowing you to witness the majestic beauty of the Elephant Falls up close, the railed pathways run all the way down to the base, assuring that you can feel the refreshing water and hear the roar. At the base of the Elephant Falls, there is a serene pool where you can take wonderful pictures of the massive waterfall in the background.


Seating arrangements have been built at the first and second tiers of the falls so that you can relax and witness the beauty without tiring yourself. The Elephant Falls is frequently used for filming local movies and television ads, and if you get lucky you might just end up being a part of one To know more about the history of the Elephant Falls, you can read the information that is available on boards located at every tier.

Elephant Falls is attached to Matilang Park, one of the best parks and gardens in the area. This park is well-known for its greenery and care, and locals like visiting it on weekends. However, while tourists can see Elephant Falls from this park, they cannot enter Elephant Falls directly because they are two separate recreational centres.

If you are interested in local and tribal culture, you can take pictures wearing indigenous Khasi costumes, which can be rented at a shop near the Elephant Falls for a very low price. The outfits are incredibly vibrant and pictures in those, are sure to be some of your best memories of visiting the Elephant Falls, Shillong, Meghalaya.

As far as Elephant Falls timings and entry fees are concerned, those are subject to change so we suggest you check before making plans.


Elephant Waterfalls can be visited year-round. Though water levels drop slightly throughout the winter, the waterfalls retain their beauty. The months immediately following the monsoon are the best since the water runs freely and the scenery created is memorable.
Activities to do at Elephant Falls, Shillong, Meghalaya.
The landscape, which is interlaced with streams and waterfalls, will entice you to take one of the many walking trails, and the scenery will keep you enchanted, making hiking around the area one of the best activities to do around the Elephant Falls. 
When you arrive, you will discover a lot of souvenir shops, tiny eateries, and a gate with a flight of stairs leading down to the falls. There is plenty of parking space near these shops. Behind the parking lot, there is a lovely tree-covered park with a playground for children that you can explore

  1. Leave your hotel early to avoid traffic and congestion on the drive to Elephant Falls.
  2. Getting to these falls entails descending down a long flight of stairs (about 100 steps). Therefore, it is not advised for seniors who experience mild walking difficulties.
  3. There are a few small shops offering cheap souvenirs and eateries near the parking lot.
  4. The stairs could be slippery. So, wear comfortable footwear with a good grip.

Air: The nearest airport is Guwahati, which has direct flights to all other important cities in the country. You can easily hire a cab or take a public or private bus to Shillong. Alternatively, there is a helicopter service from Guwahati to Shillong.

Rail: The nearest rail station is in Guwahati, from where one can rent a taxi or take public or private buses to Shillong.

Road: Shillong is well connected by road to Guwahati and other major cities in the Northeast. Public and commercial buses connect it to Guwahati and other places. From Shillong, one may simply take a cab or an auto rickshaw to Elephant Falls, which is only 12 km away.

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