Surfing In Goa: Dive Into The Beach Spirit And Master This Adventure Sport

Goa is a state famous for its never-ending beautiful beaches and the refreshing waters of the Arabian Sea. Offering a wide variety of water sports and other activities for you to enjoy the waters, surfing is one of the most famous water sports in Goa. Join us as we provide you with some pointers to enjoy surfing in Goa.

Published On Feb 22, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Goa, the Indian state known famously as the ‘Sunshine State’ has been blessed with stunning beaches and waves. Naturally, it has become a major hotspot for water sports, not just in India but internationally as well. People from all over the world come to Goa and indulge in its exhilarating water sports, surfing being one of the famous ones. Surfing in Goa is a popular adventure water sport. The feeling of waves below one’s feet as one rides the peak skilfully is a thrill. With Goa known as one of the best beach destinations, it regularly sees surfers descending upon the water to ride the best of the glittering waves. We bring you everything you need to know if you are a budding surfer or want to take up the sport. From where to surf, where to stay and where to learn surfing, read on to become adept with the ins and outs of surfing in Goa.

Best Goa, India surf spots to explore 


Of the best Goa, India surf spots, Varca Beach ranks among the top. Thanks to its white-sand shores, the beach resembles more of a Caribbean beach. With a shallow sand ledge, the beach is host to small, manageable waves perfect for beginners. Making for just the right conditions to practise your surfing skills, head to Varca Beach to master small waves before moving on to bigger ones.  


Arambol Beach is the best beach for water surfing in Goa, especially in North Goa. Practised surfers will find this beach exhilarating, with its powerful waves. The bonus is that North Goa is usually known to be much more peaceful than the other crowded spots, leaving you to surf in peace.


Agonda Beach is a popular spot for surfers due to the frequent presence of mid-level waves and light winds. With a lively beach full of shacks and restaurants, you can catch a well-deserved break from riding those choppy waves. With exciting waves and plenty of options to choose from for a break, surfing at this beach is surely going to be a pleasant experience.


Known to be among the more exposed beaches in the area, Baga Beach gets some incredible waves. Though fully professional surfers might find the waves somewhat tame, if you are still a newbie and are looking for decent practice with a little bit of challenge, this beach is your go-to for water surfing in Goa.


Ashwem Beach is the beach that professional surfers frequent. One of the most popular surfing spots in Goa, the beach also has some of the finest and most thrilling water sports. Visit this beach to ride a wave when you want to test your surfing skills.
Top surfing classes in Goa 

Probably one of the most popular surfing classes in Goa, this place offers various plans for varying durations and also lends out surfing equipment and gear. It is one of the earliest names to start teaching surfing in Goa.  
Where: Dando Road Near Surf Club, Arambol, Goa
Prices: Classes start from Rs 3,000 onwards (approx.)

The soft sands and tame waves found in Mandrem make for the perfect conditions to learn surfing. These are also the very factors that make these surfing classes in Goa famous among people interested in learning to surf. The instructors take complete caution and care while imparting the lessons to ensure the complete safety of the students. 
Where: Anahata Retreat - Sea Front Resort House No. 367, Ashvem Beach Taluka, Beside Ajoba Temple, Mandrem, Goa
Prices: Rs 2,500 onwards (approx.)

Not only is this surfing school teaching adults and children how to safely and expertly surf, but they also organise regular beach clean-ups to do their bit to preserve Goa and its beaches. A favourite among people to learn surfing in Goa, enrol with them to become a master surfer within no time. 
Where: Pernem, Goa
Prices: First lessons start at Rs 1,500 (for adults) and Rs 1,000 (for children) onwards with additional lessons from Rs 1,000 onwards (approx.)

Another popular place for people to learn surfing in Goa, Aloha has decades of surfing experience which they impart to their students whether at beginner or other levels. They teach you the skills with which to conquer the waves with such natural ease that the students learn the tips and tricks efficiently and quickly.  
Where: Agonda Beach Road, Opposite Agonda Cottages, South Agonda, Agonda, Goa
Prices: Rs 2,500 onwards (approx.)

In Goa, there are said to be two seasons which are suited for surfers to catch waves. One period is in the monsoon season, which is between May to August. During this period, the waves are known to touch even 12-feet highs. Due to the extra choppiness of the waves, it is advised that only seasoned and professional surfers ride the waves during this period, that too with complete caution and safety protocols. The other period is the dry season which lasts from October – March. The currents in the water are much calmer and controllable during this period, making the water perfect for all surfers, beginners or professionals.

Places to stay during your surfing vacation 

A budget-friendly beach hostel with a vibrant crowd, this place is perfect for all backpackers or even people who want to have the typical Goan experience. Stay with a group of people from all over the world and enjoy cultural exchange and more while being just five minutes away from the beach.
Where: 287, 1, Socoillo Vado, Arambol, Goa
Tariff: Rs 1,300 onwards (approx.)

A luxury beach resort, this place is for the people who love the fine things in life. The resort, serving as the perfect resting place after a round of surfing, will spoil you with its many different activities and experiences, all designed to provide you with plush comfort.
Where: Varca, Goa
Tariff: Rs 11,000 onwards (approx.)

Another beautiful beach resort, the proximity to the beach makes it ideal for surfers to stay at, to easily surf whenever they desire. The resort is also known for its luxe facilities and amenities that aim to make your stay as delightful as possible. Stay at this beautiful resort to indulge your adventure and luxury desires simultaneously. 
Where: Gawadewada, Pernem, Gawde Vaddo, Morjim, Goa
Tariff: Rs 6,200 onwards (approx.)
PS: All tariff rates are as of 15th February 2024. Please check the updated prices as per your dates.

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