Sneak Peek Inside Vantara, Jamnagar's New Animal Sanctuary In Gujarat

A haven for wildlife, Jamnagar's Vantara sanctuary redefines animal care with global rescue, rehabilitation & conservation efforts.

Published On Mar 17, 2024 | Updated On Mar 17, 2024


Gujarat boasts a novel initiative that promises to redefine animal care on a global scale. Yes, spearheaded by philanthropist Anant Ambani, Vantara is an unparalleled animal sanctuary that encompasses a sprawling 3,000 acres. This brainchild of Reliance Industries and Reliance Foundation aims to achieve a significant milestone in the realm of animal welfare.

The exceptional facility boasts a team of dedicated professionals – veterinarians, wildlife biologists, and animal care specialists – who provide exceptional medical attention and strive to ensure the well-being of each inhabitant. Curious to know more about Vantara? Well, who might not be after the big fat pre-wedding function of billionaire Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant was held there? So, let's hop on to explore Vantara.


Vantara isn't just a sanctuary, it's a full-fledged animal kingdom with cutting-edge facilities! Launched in February 2024, it boasts dedicated spaces for various animals.

Spacious enclosures: Imagine expansive areas meticulously designed by experts to mimic the animals' natural habitats. Leopards can prowl, lions can lounge, and even crocodiles get their specialised environment.

Hydrotherapy pools: Animals can relax and receive therapeutic benefits from these specially designed pools.

Jumbo-sized jacuzzi: Aiding tired muscles and joints, this giant jacuzzi is a unique amenity specifically for elephants.

Multiple water bodies: Providing a natural element and essential hydration, these water features cater to the diverse needs of the residents.

Medical marvel:  Vantara houses a state-of-the-art hospital spread over a whopping 1 lakh square feet. Here's a glimpse of the high-tech equipment available:

Advanced diagnostics: MRI, X-ray, CT scan - you name it, they have it for comprehensive medical evaluations.

Surgical suite: From ICU units to tools like dental scalers, endoscopy machines, and technology for minimally invasive procedures like lithotripsy (kidney stone treatment) - Vantara is prepared for any medical situation.

Remote surgery capabilities: Even the most complex surgeries can be performed with the help of video conferencing technology.


Dedicated Elephant Hospital: This specialised facility provides comprehensive care, including hyperbaric oxygen chambers to aid healing and laser therapy.

Ayurvedic touch: In addition to modern medicine, Vantara incorporates traditional Indian practices with a team of Ayurvedic practitioners offering round-the-clock support and even multani-mitti massages for the elephants.

Foodie paradise:  A 14,000-square-foot kitchen staffed by expert chefs ensures delicious and nutritious meals. Diets are specially designed for each animal, taking into account their individual needs and even oral health concerns.

From the thoughtfully designed enclosures to the high-tech medical facilities and the unique focus on elephant well-being, Vantara truly sets a new standard in animal care and rehabilitation.

Rescue and rehabilitation: Vantara isn't just a luxurious place for animals to recover, it's also on a mission to save them! Their rescue and rehabilitation centre works tirelessly to bring animals in need to a haven.

Over 2,000 animals from 43 different species have found a second chance at Vantara, escaping harsh conditions. This incredible work is driven by a dedicated team of 2,100 individuals who are passionate about providing refuge and care to animals in need.

Vantara's mission goes beyond just providing a fancy home for animals. Inspired by Swami Vivekananda's belief in serving all living beings ("jeev seva"), they are deeply committed to wildlife conservation. Here's how they aim to achieve this:

Saving endangered species: Vantara prioritises protecting animals on the brink of extinction, ensuring their future survival.

Habitat restoration: They understand that preserving the natural environment is crucial for animal well-being, and actively work to restore lost habitats.

Collaboration for a bigger cause: Vantara isn't a lone warrior. They are joining forces with renowned organisations like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to share knowledge and expertise.

Elevating zoo standards: Working alongside the Indian government's Zoo Authority, Vantara aspires to set new benchmarks for animal care and welfare in zoos across the country.

Photo: Reliance Foundation / Instagram