Shop For Fascinating Wares At These 8 Iconic Markets In Mumbai

Antiques to surplus export clothing, there's a lot to shop from Mumbai's famous markets.

Published On Apr 24, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Mumbai, originally Bombay, is one of India's most energetic and busy cities. Everybody may find something to enjoy in this centre of trade, culture, and entertainment. The marketplaces in Mumbai are among the city's most intriguing features; they are a shopper's delight. Mumbai has everything, from exclusive boutiques to street vendors. We shall examine 10 well-known markets in Mumbai in this article.


The Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai, better known as Crawford Market, is one of Mumbai's oldest and biggest and most markets. This market, which is in the centre of the city, is a heritage market ideal for everyday items. But around the market, you can shop for exotic food ingredients, baking supplies, and more to cook up a storm in your kitchen. It's one of the best local markets in Mumbai and is symbolic to the city. If you're on a tour of the city, meander through the crowds to marvel at the heritage structure.


Another of Mumbai’s famous markets, the bustling flea market known as Chor Bazaar, or ‘thieves market’, is located in the centre of Mumbai. It is well known for its antiques, vintage goods, and oddities, such as vintage typewriters, gramophones, and cameras. Collectors and vintage enthusiasts will love it here as it’s one of the best places to shop in Mumbai for old worldly items.


South Mumbai's Colaba Causeway is a thriving and famous street market that's well-known for its hip boutiques and street fare. Both tourists and residents enjoy shopping in the market, where you can get anything from jewellery to clothing to souvenirs. College students and thrifty shoppers love Fashion Street as a location for shopping. This street market, which is found in South Mumbai, is well-known for its stylish apparel, footwear, and accessories that are all reasonably priced.

The premier location in Mumbai for purchasing jewellery is Zaveri Bazaar. This market is renowned for its extensive assortment of pearls, precious stones, diamond, and gold jewellery.


The largest leather market in Mumbai, Dharavi Leather Market is famous for its premium leather products, including purses, belts, and shoes. One of the biggest slums in Asia, Dharavi, is where the market is situated.

Mumbai's Lamington Road is a well-liked electronics marketplace where you can find a wide range of devices and accessories, including cameras, smartphones, and computers. For those who enjoy technology and gadgets, it is the ideal location. Relatively lesser known to tourists, this Mumbai market is famous among locals.


One of Mumbai's biggest wholesale flower shops, Dadar Flower Market is well-known for its extensive assortment of fresh flowers, including roses, lilies, and orchids. The market is conveniently positioned next to the Dadar train station, making it accessible to both locals and visitors.

Mumbai's renowned Zaveri Bazaar is said to be the country's largest and oldest gold market. Lined with centuries-old shops that offer gold, platinum, diamond, and even imitation jewellery. While many buildings look dilapidated and are, but they house several riches. 

For those who enjoy shopping with fashionable items, Linking Road is well-known for its chic apparel, footwear, and accessories. This street market in Bandra is well-liked by both locals and visitors. Definitely one of the most famous markets in Mumbai, you’ll also find that shopping here will be on any list of things to do in Bandra.

In summary, Mumbai is a city renowned for its markets. Once your shopping appetite is satiated, try to make time for a weekend getaway from Mumbai to experience a different side of Maharashtra. Alternatively, enjoy the sea breeze at an open-air restaurant in Mumbai. The things you can do in this city are truly endless.

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