It's Time To Book Tickets As Malaysia Goes Visa-Free For Indians

Joining Thailand and Sri Lanka, Malaysia has now given Indian travellers the opportunity to visit the country for up to 30 days without a visa. As of now, this initiative is effective till March 31, 2024. So what are you waiting for, start packing.

Published On Nov 29, 2023 | Updated On Feb 27, 2024


After Thailand and Sri Lanka, Indian travellers can now enter Malaysia without a visa and stay for up to 30 days. Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia's Prime Minister has declared that Chinese and Indian tourists would no longer require entry visas in order to enter Malaysia as of December 1, 2023. This initiative, however, is a trial and will remain effective till March 31, 2023. But that gives us enough time to explore the country, doesn't it?

As of right now, Indian nationals travelling from Thailand, Indonesia, or Singapore are eligible for a visa-on-arrival in Malaysia. Having a confirmed return ticket to India and a valid visa for any of these transit countries are additional requirements for obtaining a visa-on-arrival. For Indian nationals, Malaysia provides a range of visa options, such as the eNTRI Visa, E-Visa, and Transit Pass, each with distinct uses and stay periods.

Malaysia, which is frequently referred to as Asia's melting pot, has a diverse range of cultures that are influenced by Malay, Chinese, Indian, and indigenous customs. An array of colours, scents, and sounds that reflect the diversity of the country greets one as they stroll through the lively streets of Kuala Lumpur, Penang, or Malacca.


Malaysia provides an endless culinary adventure for the epicureans. From the bustling hawker stalls serving up delectable street food to the high-end restaurants flaunting the finesse of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. Malaysia entices taste buds with a wide range of flavours, guaranteeing that every meal is a celebration of culinary brilliance. You can try Mee goreng mamak, Apam balik, Nasi kerabu, Ayam percik, Nasi lemak and Roti john.


As Malaysia reveals its natural treasures, nature lovers are in for a treat. The stunning Cameron Highlands, the verdant Taman Negara rain forests, and the picturesque shores of Langkawi are just a few of the nation's gems that demonstrate its dedication to environmental preservation.


The architectural countryside of Malaysia blends tradition and modernity. Historical landmarks like Penang's George Town, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, tell stories of Malaysia's colonial past, while Kuala Lumpur's iconic Petronas Towers stand tall as a symbol of the country's economic development. Every architectural marvel tells a tale, weaving together a dynamic, centuries-spanning visual narrative.


Retail therapy in Malaysia's opulent malls and bustling markets is an experience in itself. Known as the shopping hub of Kuala Lumpur, the Bukit Bintang district features a variety of upscale boutiques and unique street markets. Malaysia guarantees that shoppers will be able to enjoy a retail paradise, offering everything from traditional handicrafts to the newest fashion trends.

Explore the vibrant cultural festivals of Malaysia, which are observed year-round with conviction and enthusiasm. With parades, performances, and traditional rituals that highlight the richness of Malaysia's cultural heritage, the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and Deepavali throw the nation into a vibrant array of colour.


With a plethora of exciting activities, Malaysia is a haven for thrill-seekers. Tourists can dive in Sipadan's pristine waters, trek Borneo's Mount Kinabalu's strenuous trails, or go canopy walking in Bako National Park's rainforests.

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