8 Hotels You Must Stay At In Ahmedabad To Experience True Decadent Luxury

Ahmedabad has over the years assembled a stunning collection of amazing hotels. Keeping it cutting-edge and homely with a mix of five-star chains, unique boutique hotels and grand resorts, visitors are definitely in for the stay of their dreams at these luxury hotels.

Published On Sep 14, 2023 | Updated On Apr 21, 2024


That Indians are crazy for the sport of cricket might just be the understatement of the year. Nothing beats our excitement when it comes to watching Team India play. This year, the excitement has tripled all thanks to the fact that not only people will get to see India play, they will get to see India play World Cup matches on their home ground, as hosts of the 2023 Cricket World Cup. However, the most exciting match will, as usual, be when the India-Pakistan match finally gets underway. The interest these matches awaken in every Indian cricket fan is unmatched. This year, Ahmedabad will be hosting the first India-Pakistan match of the World Cup, on 15 October. The tensions and excitement are already running high and cricket fans from all over the country are rushing to book their stay at a hotel in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to have an enjoyable experience of it all. 
This heightened footfall to Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s largest city will also help push the incredible features of the city into fellow country people’s attention. The impressive hotels of Ahmedabad, ready to give the people an amazing stay, are sure to make some of these people return for a vacation to be able to enjoy all that these amazing hotels offer.

The most magnificent hotels to stay at in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to stay during the India-Pakistan match

A part of the luxurious ITC chain of hotels, ITC Narmada has been fashioned after Gujarat’s traditional architecture. An ode to Gujarat, the river Narmada and the culture of the state, this hotel prides itself on a modern symbolization of Gujarat’s rich history. Fashioned in a way to resemble the famous step wells of Gujarat, the hotel is truly an architectural wonder. Offering its guests modern amenities such as a stunning pool, a state-of-the-art gym, amazing restaurants and coffee shops as well as extremely comfortable and spacious rooms, you are bound to feel as if you are staying in the very lap of luxury.

An extremely luxurious resort, The Belvedere Golf and Country Club embodies the very spirit of grandeur. Spread across a vast area of land, the resort includes a tennis field, a full golf course, a gym and various other amenities all fully stocked with the latest facilities. Decked with beautiful rooms and suites offering you the most pleasant stay, this property is sure to blow your mind with its magnificent beauty and splendour.

Nal Safari Resort offers its guests a rustic stay in nature. Encouraging their patrons to indulge in adventure activities as well as make use of the amenities the resort offers, everything from the open premises of the resort to the homely facilities such as meals prepared using traditional means of cooking, used in the olden times to transport visitors back in time. Activities such as horseback riding, an outdoor pool, etc. are offered to make your stay even more fun.

A charming boutique hotel, The House of MG started as a magnificent bungalow built in the city of Ahmedabad around 1925. Then a personal residence, it has been, with extreme care and effort, transformed into the lovely boutique hotel it is today. Possessing a precarious balance of all its nostalgic, old-school charm yet being invigorated with touches of modernity, the property is just unlike any other. A stay at this hotel is definitely going to be a marvellous experience.

A hotel of the reputed Marriott chain of hotels, Fairfield by Marriott is counted among Ahmedabad’s top luxury hotels. The hotel makes the comfort of every guest its top priority and to that end, offers a great many amenities. A rejuvenating spa centre, modern gym, multiple restaurants and coffee shop are some of the few amenities the hotel boasts of. It also offers its guests the facility of an impressive pool to refresh themselves in its cool waters. The central location of the hotel, making it close to all major locations of the city is an additional bonus for people staying at this hotel.

Radhe Upavan Resort, considered to be one of the best places in Ahmedabad for times when you just want to relax and de-stress, is a gorgeous property. Built-in a way that promotes and encourages a feeling of peace and calmness, guests staying at the resort can choose to take a break from the hustle of the world in a spectacular style. Impressive interiors, grounds and an amazing pool to chill in all make for one serene break from all the stress of life.

Claimed to be the first five-star hotel in Ahmedabad, this deluxe hotel is located near the airport, making it extra convenient for exhausted travellers looking to put their feet up and relax at their earliest convenience. At the centre of the attraction is a remarkable pool, flanked by beautiful palm trees. The vision is one to remember. Spread across an impressive area, the hotel offers all modern amenities to make your stay even more pleasant.

This lovely boutique hotel used to be a haveli back in the day and the personal residence of a family called the Dalals. The owners of this haveli, instead of letting it go obsolete, with great care and patience, converted their haveli into a one-of-its-kind heritage hotel. Extremely beautiful, the hotel is a sight to behold. With elegantly done-up rooms, all the latest facilities and the captivating beauty of the hotel itself, a stay at this property will always be a fond memory for you.

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