7 Famous Monasteries In Sikkim To Bookmark For Your Next Trip

Making this picturesque location even more beautiful and visit-worthy are these famous monasteries in Sikkim.

Published On Nov 03, 2022 | Updated On Nov 03, 2022


Once a mountain kingdom, Sikkim retains its regal personality to date. Its meditative aura and mural-filled Tibetan monasteries beautifully co-inhabit the space with Hindu temples. Housing an ever-growing Nepali community, Sikkim is a warm-hearted state that welcomes one and all with open arms to explore its green lands. Home to the popular Sikkim monastery, the state is all too easy to fall in love with.

A clean, green and all-organic state, Sikkim’s trapezing valleys, subtropical woodlands, rhododendrons forests and tranquil Buddhist monasteries offer a thrilling sightseeing experience to every traveller. Notched within the magnificent Eastern Himalayan ranges, soak in views of the famous monasteries in Sikkim during your holiday to the fascinating state.

Top 7 monasteries in Sikkim


The oldest monastery in Sikkim, Dubdi was established in 1701, just 3 kilometres from Yuksom. Perched at 6,900 metres, Dudbi Sikkim monastery belongs to the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhists. To enjoy a view from its hilltop location, you will have to embark on a risky trail guarded by dense alpines and other regional flora. Atop the monastery are beautiful creations of three lamas and double-storied stone carvings along the walls of the monument.


A revered monastery of Sikkim, Enchey is located within walking distance from the city of Gangtok. Just 3 kilometres from the city, you can even take a ten-minute taxi ride to reach the 200-year-old architectural marvel. Enchey means ‘solitary’ and lives true to its name, surrounding visitors with a calm amidst nature’s extravagant grandeur. Belonging to the Nyingma of the Vajrayana Buddhism clan, the Enchey monastery hosts special prayers during the lunar months of January and February. Plan a spiritually enriching vacation around the time to be a part of the sermons.



One of the most beautiful Sikkim buddha temples, the Kartok monastery faces the Kartok Lake in Yuksom village. A marvellous and tranquil spot to unwind in the holy presence of Lord Buddha, the monastery hosts hundreds of devotees who frequent the sacred site. Lined along the monastery are vibrant yellow and golden Tibetan motif designs and prayer flags that enhance the serenity of the spot.


A popular monastery in Gangtok, Lingdum falls just 20 kilometres outside the city and is a revered spiritual spot in the area. Also known as Ranka Monastery, completed in 1988, this one is new compared to other heritage monasteries. Popular with Bollywood filmmakers, Lingdum is a photographer’s heaven. The divine Sikkim sun seeping through thickly forested mountains on the grounds of the monastery is the perfect place to spend moments of peace.

After a day trip to Lingdum, head back to the city and experience the Best Foods To Try In Sikkim. So that you can head home with a lighter mind and heavier stomach.  


Which one is the largest Buddhist monastery in Sikkim? It is the Ralang monastery located 6 kilometres from Ravangla. The largest Buddhist monastery in Sikkim, Ralang is a melange of colours, deep-rooted traditions and intricate Tibetan architecture. Built in 1995, Ralang attracts tourists from across the globe who visit the sacred spot to participate in the monastery’s annual festival Pang Lhabsol.



Known as one of Sikkim’s famous monuments, the Pemayangtse Monastery is the oldest standing monument in the state. Pemayangtse, translating to the perfect sublime lotus, is a true replica of its meaning. Blooming under the clear blue sky of western Sikkim is the 300-year-old architectural beauty steeped in mind-numbing serenity. The interiors of the monastery are engraved with Tibetan motifs and ancient manuscripts. Plan a trip to one of the oldest Sikkim monastery between March and June to experience pleasant weather and a picturesque view of the mountains behind.


A popular monastery of Sikkim, Tashiding oozes an old-world charm encompassed by nature on all sides. The snow-laden peaks exude tranquillity to visitors who frequent the spot in search of enlightenment. The soft rustling of prayer flags and holy chants by the resident monks add to the calming aura of the sacred spot. Located near Pelling, around 30 kilometres from Ravangla and 40 kilometres from Gyalshing, Tashiding Sikkim Monastery is a must-visit attraction when visiting the state.

Are you excited to plan a trip to Northeast India? Don’t forget to add these famous monasteries in Sikkim to your must-visit list. From enjoying the best Vegetarian Dishes In Sikkim to conquering rapids in River Teesta, the world’s first organic state has more to offer than what meets the eye.

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