7 Best Rafting Trips In The World That Will Take Your Breath Away

Nothing says adventure as much as white water rafting. Explore these 7 best rafting destinations in the world for an experience like no other.

Published On Oct 29, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Whether you are the occasional traveller who wants to tick white water rafting off your bucket list, or an adrenaline junkie who is looking to conquer them all, these 7 best rafting trips in the world are sure to blow your mind.

Not only do you experience the thrill it is to go rafting on wild white waters, but you also connect with fellow rafters and witness nature in all its glory. May that be the rainforests of South America or the high-altitude desert of Ladakh, each landscape has something to offer.

It is always advisable however to be mindful of your skill level and what the rafting trip requires, as any disconnect between the two can be potentially fatal. Make sure that you sign up with licenced and professional organisations for a safe and fun rafting trip.

Here are 7 best rafting trips in the world that you must experience


With a deep stunning gorge like the Grand Canyon, this destination is bound to make it to the list of best white water rafting rivers in the world. Experience the grandeur of one the best natural marvels of the world, and no matter what your experience level be, Colorado River’s long rafting section has something for you.

Best time to go: April to October


While it travels through multiple countries, the Zambezi River’s Zimbabwe stretch has often been nicknamed ‘Slam-bezi’, and for a good reason. Not for faint-hearted or even lesser experienced rafters, rafting at this river starts at the base of the famed Victoria Falls, and is a straight 20-odd kilometres of the craziest white water rafting. One of the best river rafting in the world, this one is full of big volume rapids, and crocodiles, making it one of the deadliest. This one is strictly for level 5 rafters.

Best time to go: June to March


Another river that regularly gets featured on the list of top 10 river rafting in the world, the Fatalefu River in Chile is breathtakingly gorgeous and just as adventurous. The glacier-fed river has stretches that are perfect for you no matter what your level of experience be, but if a pure unregulated adrenaline rush is what you’re looking for, the roughly 5 km stretch called the Bridge-to-bridge zone it is. Often compared to rafting through the toughest of rapids in the Grand Canyon all at once, no wonder it is one of the best white water river rafting in the world.

Best time to go: December to March


While it looks tame at the surface, Rangitikei in New Zealand comes with a gorge that has more than 10 rapids, one after the other, almost like a staircase, mixed with deep holding pools, landing it on the list of the best rafting in the world.

The river also requires you to be a bit experienced at rafting, being ranked suitable for levels 2-5. Newbies can also try their hand at this half-day rafting trip but make sure they’re supervised.

Best time to go: This is perfect for rafting all year round.


Nestled in the mighty Dolomites, Noce River is gentler than the majority of other listings here and promises you a good time. While beginners can experience this river frequently listed as one of the best white water rafting rivers in the world, with a little supervision, experts will really enjoy the steeps and gorges.

Best time to go: June to September

While these international river rafting destinations might be ranked at the top of the best white water rafting rivers in the world, there are 2 destinations closer home that are a great place to start.


With gorges and rapids, and the best of the hospitality that you can experience in the Himalayas, Karnali River in Nepal is an underrated white river rafting destination you must explore. With a long list of third to fifth-level rapids and a scenic gorge, this should definitely make it to your list of the best white river rafting in the world.

Best time to go: January to May, and September to December.


With scenery like no other on this list, white river rafting in the Zanskar River must be experienced at least once in life. With rapids ranging from the first to third levels, Zanskar is quite beginner-friendly and hence makes it to our list of the best river rafting in the world. It also happens to be the highest river rafting destination in the world, making it even more special.

Best time to go: June to October

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