An Instagrammer Recommends The Hottest New Attractions In Singapore

If you are done with the regular touristy stuff in Singapore, try out these offbeat experiences which could make for great Instagram content.

Published On Apr 18, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


During our recent trip to Singapore, we sussed out some interesting experiences that would lend themselves well to your social feed. Offbeat neighbourhoods, cultural experiences, street art, quirky stores, and futuristic cafes—there’s so much more to Singapore than its regular tourist sites. Here are some of our recommendations:


Get away from the touristy crowds and walk through the quaint streets of Katong—an ethnic neighbourhood, which is now gentrified into a trendy quarter, brimming with street art and murals. This neighbourhood is famous for the Peranakan culture, a mix of Malay and Chinese cultures, and you will still find some traditional Peranakan homes and eateries here. Cycle along the picturesque streets and stop by for a sticky rice dumplings treat, a bowl of delicious laksa or some traditional Peranakan sweets. Don’t forget to look for the street with all the colourful heritage homes lined up, which will make for the perfect Instagram shot.

Ratio cafe at Orchard Road is a coffee lover’s futuristic haven. Get a cuppa made perfectly by specialised robots, customised to perfection, with the exact ingredient ratio. Place your order on the screen with the Ratio app and one of the three robots there will make your drink. Once you place your order, you can head over to the robot station where you will see the arms grinding the beans, brewing the coffee, foaming the milk, and blending it all together. Don’t forget to get a video of the robot doing some coffee art. This is potentially viral content.

© Singapore Tourism Board

Now, this is an interesting idea for a date. Imagine having a drink on an open-air revolving gondola, suspended high up above the ground. Sentosa’s latest attraction, the SkyHelix is a carbon-neutral ride, where you sit strapped into a gondola—with a drink—and are suspended at 79 meters above sea level, as it rotates and you dangle your feet in the air. The best part of it all? You are allowed to carry your phones and cameras so you are bound to get some Insta-worthy content for sure. Our recommendation: Try the SkyHelix at sunset.

© Riaan J George

This is Singapore’s hottest new luxury experience. Here, you can book a chic wine appreciation course, curated by off-duty Singapore Airlines flight attendants. A specialised set of the airline’s ‘air sommeliers’, conduct a private wine tasting session, featuring some really high-end wines, paired with gourmet cheese, at a downtown bar or tasting room—followed by engaging conversations with these air sommeliers. This experience is bookable under the airline’s new digital concierge, Pelago, and is ideal if you are in the mood to enjoy a chic, sundowner experience, where you and your travel buddies can create some great wine content.


Possibly our favourite spot in Singapore is the waterfront near Marina Bay Sands, where the floating island Apple store is a feast for design and tech geeks. The first-of-its-kind floating store by Apple has a glass dome that appears to be floating on water. Made of 114 pieces of glass and 10 narrow vertical mullions, it is accessible by an underwater passage and an elevated boardwalk. You can take breathtaking pictures of Singapore’s skyline from any part of the glass globe. The overall design of the floating island reflects Apple’s minimalist approach and will surely make for stunning videos. 

Photo: Shutterstock