11 Beach Wedding Destinations In India For The Most Scenic Nuptials

If your idea of a perfect wedding includes the sun, sand, sea and shore, head to one of these beautiful beach wedding destinations.

Published On Dec 02, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Every person dreams about a wedding day that will be etched on their minds for a lifetime. Rightly so, wedding days are one of the most important milestones of a person’s life. From the wedding guest list to the catering, everything needs to be perfect for a wedding to work.

One of the most crucial factors that makes a wedding beautiful is the location. A destination wedding is popular for the kind of attention that it attracts.

Amongst them, a beach wedding is the one that is most aesthetically pleasing but is also the most underrated.

A beach wedding, if planned the right way, can be a blast. It has to be set up in a location that is favourable in terms of being easily reachable and also to get all the necessities set up.

A beach wedding during the sunset hour is a vision. The hues of dusk, the colours dancing in the sky and the horizon where the red sun meets the ocean is the picturesque beauty you need on your wedding day. If you are not sold on the idea yet, imagine those kickass photos that you will get out of it.

Now, if you are convinced, we have a comprehensive list of all the best beach wedding venues in India for you to choose from!

If you think Goa is only a party destination, we would agree with you. But, we would also add that Goa can be a nice beach wedding destination too. Goa is home to a number of resorts that offer the option of hosting beach weddings on their property. Here are our top picks for you-

This five-star property has been listed as one of the most romantic wedding locations in Goa and rightly so. It has a mix of Portuguese-inspired interiors and well-manicured garden exteriors. It has two outdoor wedding venues that you can use to host your beach side wedding.

Location: Salcete, Pedda, Varca

Capacity: 20-1,000 guests

The room tariff of the villas at this property includes the cost of your wedding plans. So, it’s inclusive of the room tariff and all the decor that they do for 
their guests. There are four venues where weddings are hosted and its ethnic Bali vibes are all the feels you need.

Location: Sinquerim, Candolim

Capacity: 20-3,000 guests

Pondicherry has a lot of things and a great beach wedding destination too. If you are planning a fairytale wedding, this is the place for you with all its French colonial architecture and beautiful beaches. The best part is that you can include French cuisine too.

This four-star resort offers three kinds of rooms — villa, suite and studio. Its French ambience creates a magical world and will be apt as a beach wedding destination.

Location: Manavely Revenue Village

Capacity: 300 guests for stay (approx.)

This five-star resort oozes a mid-century French ambience. It is spread across 14 acres of land, with a lake and the beach. So, you can choose either for your wedding day. It also provides a banquet and the poolside for other rituals if you are hosting an Indian beach wedding.

Location: Pudukuppam

Capacity: 350-500 guests (approx.)

Most of us visit the Andaman Islands for a deep diving or snorkelling vacation. But a beach wedding on these islands is not unheard of either. The white sand beaches with blue waters in the background would make a perfect destination for a memorable beach wedding.

Havelock Island is the home for various adventure sports and a wedding with a bit of these sports for entertainment will be a fun fiesta! You can host your wedding at Elephant beach. Its calm and serene vibe will help you to enjoy all your wedding ceremonies.

Location: Radha Nagar Beach no. 7

Capacity: 600 guests

Their team of wedding planners is amazing hands down and they can even help you host an underwater wedding ceremony if you wish to be extremely adventurous! You could be a Disney prince/princess and your wedding experience can be enchanting.

Location: Beach 5, Havelock Islands

Capacity: 50-200 guests

These beach destinations are still isolated and not too touristy, which makes them reasonably priced and beautiful for a destination beach wedding. If you are looking to get married at an underrated location, these are two properties you should check out -

The vibrant secret of this location is its major selling point. The venue comprises a lawn and overlooks the entire ocean making it a picturesque view. The unconventional rooms to stay for the guests are a surprise.

Location: Khodidhar Beach

Capacity: 50 to 350 guests

It is considered one of the best resorts with its elegant decor and comfortable rooms. It has a poolside lawn for wedding parties and its inviting ambience is perfect for a wedding.

Location: Devka Beach Road

Capacity: 50 to 350 guests

This princely state located in Karnataka has some beautiful beaches that you can consider for your beach wedding. Its peaceful beaches and reasonably priced places are apt if you are looking to plan a low-key, intimate wedding.

It is a mix of wilderness and serenity and is perfect for an intimate wedding with a limited guest list.

Location: Sabarabail, Mudushedde

Capacity: 250-500 guests

This resort is perfect if you are planning for a bigger party for your wedding. Its scenic views and calm beach are sure to take your breath away!

Location: Ullal

Capacity: 2,500 guests (approx.)

This town is oh-so historic. It boasts many architectural wonders and has the capacity to wow you over every time you visit. Again, this is one of the most underrated venues for a beach destination wedding so you may find a steal price at the venues.

Sitting on 44 acres of land and located along the shores of the Bay of Bengal, this five-star resort can accommodate large groups for your wedding parties. So, if you want to throw a lavish wedding, this venue is perfect with its garden, two swimming pools and beach for all the rituals. 

Location: 57 Kovalam Road, Mamallapuram

Capacity: 2,000 guests (approx.)

 This five-star resort is located along the shore of Tamil Nadu. Its well-manicured lawns can accommodate and entertain a large group of people with its amazing views. They also provide a banquet hall for a smaller group of guests. 

Location: 212 East Coast Rd Nemelli Village, Perur

Capacity: 1,500 guests (approx.)

This closed and guarded town in Tamil Nadu is located on the Coromandel Coast. If you want to host a small and intimate wedding with only a few guests, this place is ideal for you. 

This is the most popular property for a wedding as it sits on the coast and has Danish colonial architecture. It is operated by the Neemrana Hotels and is magical as a beach wedding destination. 

Location: 24 King Street, Tharangambadi

Capacity: 200 guests (approx.)

Located in Maharashtra, this beach destination is the perfect dreamy getaway for a beach wedding. You can opt for an extravagant wedding party or an intimate wedding ceremony, this coastal town is perfect. 

The ambience of this place is super simple yet rustic. Their specialty is offering a huge line of cuisines. 

Location: Alibag-Revas road between Chondhi and Zirad

Capacity: 200-500 guests (approx.)

This tranquil property is perfect if you want to host a small, intimate wedding. They have a private beachside for you to take your vows and a deck from where your guests can stargaze at night. 

Location: Saswane, Near Singhania Helipad

Capacity: 25-50 guests (approx.)

Which destination could be better than God’s own country for your wedding? The beautiful backwaters and the scenic hills will make for a stunning view for your wedding.

This property has some beautiful villas, a banquet hall and four outdoor venues for a wedding. You can book the entire venue for your wedding. 

Location: North Post, Vayitharamattom, Kumarakom

Capacity: 100-150 guests (approx.)

This property is known for being India’s only cliff-top beach resort and take it from us, the views are stunning. You can accommodate a big guest list on its modern and contemporary architecture property. 

Location: Beach Rd, Thiruvananthapuram

Capacity: 300-400 guests (approx.)

You will find that some of the best beaches in Kerala are in Kochi. So, you don’t have to go any further to select a nice wedding venue for your beach wedding.

This property works best if you want to host an outdoor wedding on their lawns and private beach with a large wedding guest list. Their service and catering are outstanding and your guests will be happy spending time here.

Location: Near Aster Medicity National Highway 966A, South, Kothad

Capacity: 1,000 guests (approx.)

Home to some of the country’s most beautiful islands, Lakshadweep can be an enchanting and memorable beach wedding destination. It has 36 islands, and anyone could be your next wedding location!

This island property is one of the most visually pleasing ones on our list. If you want to feel close to nature and include some adventure sports in your wedding, this property is the one! 

Location: Coral Routes

Capacity: 100-200 guests (approx.)

We have listed here some of our favourite beach wedding destination options in the country. All you have to do is select one and tie the knot! We hear some beach side wedding bells already!

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