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10 Best Beach Experiences In Alibaug

These beaches in Alibaug are calling you for a relaxing vacay!

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Located in Maharashtra’s Raigad district, the coastal town of Alibaug has a bunch of pleasant elements that will surprise you. If you are from Mumbai or anywhere around the country, these beaches in Alibaug are worth your attention.

If you are looking for the best beach near Alibaug or for a quiet one where you can spend a relaxing time, you will find them all here. Tourists regularly look for places to visit in Alibaug, and there is no limitation in this destination. From beaches to forts, caves and temples, this place literally has it all. You can either visit one of the beaches to see a picture-perfect sunset or take part in one of the adventure sports, there is no dearth of options for things to do in Alibaug.

For a person who loves to travel and explore new places, Alibaug has a lot to offer. Although it is a place that is quite loved by the locals, it has not yet been touched by a large group of people out of the state.

To help you navigate around this beautiful town, we have prepared a list of the best beaches in Alibaug for you to visit.

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If you like your adventure sports and live for that adrenaline rush, this beach is for you. It is one of the most famous beaches for family vacations. The beach attracts a lot of people who are into adventure sports from the nearby cities of Pune and Mumbai. There are many beach properties that you can stay in and its proximity to Kashid beach makes it even more apt for a perfect getaway. Properties like Kiva Beach Resort and ILIF Starry Night Villas are good options for you to stay. At Nagaon beach, you can indulge in water sports like parasailing, jet skiing, boating and swimming.

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If you are a sucker for long beach walks and like to savour a nice sunset, Mandwa beach is going to please you. With its sun-kissed sandy shores and its quaint beaches, this Alibaug beach is going to win your heart. You can get to this beach directly from the Gateway of India by a ferry, making this beach one of the most accessible ones. You can even visit the Buddhist caves and the church if you are interested in exploring new places. If not, Mandwa beach also has adventure sports that you can enjoy. Some of the resorts that you can check out to stay are Nature’s Nest Resort and The Mansion House.

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Do you have the historian’s tic in you? Do you like exploring new places that showcase our rich culture and long heritage? Then you must visit the Alibaug beach. This beach is listed as one of the best beaches of India with its black sand shores and magical sunsets. The beach is sprawling with some of the coolest beach shacks for you to chill in and enjoy some local food. If you wish to explore the places nearby, there is a famous Ganapati Temple and the Kulaba fort that is located in the middle of the sea, which you can visit by boat. One of the places where you can stay is Sanman Beach Resort.

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If you prefer silence and peace, Kashid beach is one that deserves your attention. It is one of the unexplored beaches of Alibaug, hence it attracts few tourists in comparison. Its pristine blue waters, calm shore and white sand make this beach a perfect destination for a sunset walk. You can watch the sun set in the horizon and the various colours of the setting sun dance in the blue water and burst in the sky. You can either indulge in a banana boat ride or you can just relax with a cold one enjoying the hillock and greenery around. You can have your very own island experience at this private Alibaug beach.

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Located on the continuing coastline of Alibaug and Awas, this beach can be accessed from Mandwa jetty as it is located near the vicinity. The Saswane town has been home to many farmers and fisherfolk, thus does not attract too many tourists to its beach. But, if you are looking for some solidarity and peace while watching a fisherman head out on his ship for their day of work, you must visit Saswane beach. The beach is residential and you can admire the beachside properties that are there. You can also go swimming on the beach here if you wish and you can stay at Delta Cottage while you are here.

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Located by the coast of Rajapuri, this Alibaug beach is one of the untouched, least crowded beaches. It is known by the localites and is visited by people when they need to get away from the daily stress of life and the cacophony of big cities. You can chill while sunbathing, surfing, parasailing, swimming in the ocean or just relaxing on the shore while enjoying the views of the ocean. You can also go boating or visit the Murud-Janjira Fort which is only a ferry ride away from the beach. This beach is one of the quietest and most peaceful beaches in Alibaug and if you are looking for some downtime, you must visit this place.

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If you are a history lover and the past ignites a passionate interest in you, you must visit the Revdanda Beach. You can truly admire the beauty of the Alibaug coast and enjoy the Revdanda Fort that is situated here. This fort has great historic significance since the time it was built by the Portuguese in 1524, taken over by the Marathas in 1806, and captured by the British after that. You can still see the remains of the first chapel that was built back in the day and be fascinated by the architecture. If you don’t wish to explore the fort, the Revdanda beach is isolated where you can just sunbathe and relax. Some of the places that you can stay are La Mer Beach Resort and The Fern Silvanus Resort.

Located in the Korlai town, this beach is one that oozes serenity and calm and boasts some beautiful white and black sand beaches and cool ocean water. This town of Korlai is inhabited by the original natives, the Creole Portuguese-speaking Indians. You can take in the Portuguese culture and the architecture that paints this town. The main attraction of this beach town is the Korlai Fort, which is a specimen of colonial Portuguese architecture. It was built as a defence strategy by the Portuguese to protect their province that stretched from Korlai to Fort Bassein in the year 1521. On the entrance of the fort, it has an engraving that reads, ‘No entry without Battle’. That is sure to give you the chills.

If you want to unwind and relax, the village life or the roots is where you need to return to. Awas beach is one of the quietest Alibaug beaches. If you go during the onset of the monsoon season, you will be able to experience the wrath of the sea and the lush green palm groves that grow all around the beach. If you visit this beach, you must visit it to only relax and do nothing and take in the beauty of the nothingness around.

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You can enjoy a dramatic sunset on the Kihim beach or you can enjoy the lush green forests around. This beach is said to be a bird watcher’s paradise as this town sees a number of migratory birds in its dense forests. You can enjoy the lull of the sea waves while taking a long stroll and collecting some of the rarest and unique seashells on the beach.

If you wish to escape the hustle bustle of city life and need to take a break, follow our list of beach experiences! So, pack your bags and head to the beaches today!

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