10 Fun Facts About Delhi’s Signature Bridge!

Did you know these facts about the Signature Bridge in Delhi?

Published On Feb 22, 2023 | Updated On Jul 08, 2024


In 2018, Delhi earned boasting rights to another magnificent bridge. Inaugurated by the then Chief Minister of Delhi, Arwind Kejriwal on November 4, Delhi’s Signature Bridge is twice the size of the famous Qutub Minar. Despite being one of Delhi’s most-awaited structures, the bridge that now connects to Wazirabad was delayed by over 14 years. It crosses the Yamuna river and has reduced traffic congestion in Delhi significantly. It has also become a popular tourist place in Delhi. However, there is more to this beautiful structure than meets the eye.

Facts that you didn’t know about the Signature Bridge in Delhi

The Signature Bridge was one of the Delhi Tourism and Transport Corporation’s biggest projects, amounting to a whopping total of 1519 crores. This staggering investment is visible in its gorgeous design and stunning architecture.

Delhi’s Signature Bridge was carefully designed by expert architects. It resembles the Indian gesture for welcoming guests i.e. namaste. This gesture is usually made with palms folded in front of your face. The bridge’s layout makes it India’s first asymmetrical project.


Everyone loves the views over the bridges on River Seine in Paris, France and Venice, Italy. The Signature Bridge has an excellent panorama to the Delhi audience too. Driving over the Yamuna offers an exclusive landscape that you won’t ever forget. You should definitely add this tourist spot to your list of tourist attractions in Delhi.

The Signature Bridge connects the centre of the city of Delhi to its northeastern areas. What used to take more than 45 minutes, will be done in just about 10. No more waiting in polluted traffic jams and listening to the same music on a loop. You can make it in time for your evening plans and catch the sunset on your way back from work too!

If you don’t really have a reason to cross the bridge, you can just go visit it too. A 154-metre-high glass box has been installed on the Signature Bridge to allow visitors to enjoy the view. The tourist spot also has 4 elevators that have been installed with a capacity to hold up to 50 people each. Don’t miss out on this chance to get the bird’s eye view of the majestic Yamuna.

Until the Signature Bridge was built, the Qutub Minar was the tallest structure in Delhi. However, its pylon is twice the height of this ancient monument, making it the tallest. This gives you all the more reason to head up there and indulge in looking at the view it offers.

The glass box atop the pylon on the Signature Bridge also has selfie points for visitors. You head up, take in the view and then capture some selfies to bring back. Not a bad deal, right?

The plan to build a new bridge over the Yamuna was initiated after a heartbreaking accident. A school bus passing over the older, much narrower Wazirabad bridge toppled over. The accident took place in 1997 and a project was finalised in 1998.


Despite the government’s prompt response to building a new bridge, it took 14 years before it was finally ready. The massive project would have burdened the limited financial budget of the Delhi government. The deadline was renewed several times due to this and finally, the bridge was inaugurated in 2018.

The Signature Bridge is one of the longest bridges in India, stretching over 675 metres and including a westside extension of 100 metres. The total length of the infrastructure project is approximately 6000 metres.

The Signature Bridge in Delhi has become one of the must-visit tourist places in Delhi. And for good reason. This tourist spot offers you great views of Delhi and the river Yamuna along with a bedazzling sunset. However, there was also a lot of controversy about the Signature Bridge that has been left behind since its construction. What matters now is that Delhi has a structure that enhances its beauty. While you are visiting the capital city of India, don’t forget to try Korean food and go on a shopping spree in Khan Market too.

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