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How About Some Irresistible Accessories To Add Oomph To Your Diwali Ensembles?

Thrown in some extra sparkle to your Diwali outfits with these delightful and kitschy accessories.

Tejashee Kashyap

A little bauble around the neck, a shimmery bag or even a glitzy watch around your wrist – there’s something delightfully appealing about accessories. These can add so much to an outfit, or if not done right, break the look.

If going all-out isn’t your style, colour-pop accessories worn with neutral hues area great way of incorporating an element of pop into your festival wardrobe. Be it bags, high-heels or a classic watch - let your festive outfits have an extra layer of texture, decorative detail, and whimsy.

Adorn yourself or let your loved ones look their absolute best with our curated roundup of accessories that will fit every personality type for Diwali celebrations:

If you’re looking for a new bag to refresh your festive wardrobe this season, look no further than this edit for inspiration. And ofcourse, there’s an ‘it’ bag for everyone out there. Spellbinding everyone with their playful proportions, mini bags make up for fun outings. Although a mini or shoulder bag is often the street-style bag of choice, there is also a big case for the all-encompassing carryalls - enter tote bags to take all your essentials for Diwali functions. Another way to revitalise your outfit is to grab a handbag in optic white. The stark contrast will brighten up any look, whether you’re wearing neutrals or pastels for Diwali. Here are our choices:

Brick Cassette Leather shoulder bag, Bottega Veneta

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 2,25,000; Available here

Polo ID Calfskin mini shoulder bag, Polo Ralph Lauren

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs  45,000; Available here

Gold Rush Furbie, Outhouse Jewellery

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 23,950; Available here

If you had to choose just one fashion item to splurge on, it would likely be a classic watch. There’s no shortage of luxurious styles out there, from simplistic designs that have withstood the test of time to whimsical, diamond-encrusted ones that are sure to bring in compliments. And there’s something out there for everyone. To make buying or gifting a watch even easier, we’ve gathered some of our favourite styles for Diwali:

Greca Chic Bracelet watch, Versace

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 99,500; Available at select Versace stores and authorized retailers

Lola analog watch, Armani Exchange

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 12,995; Available here

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 20,000; Available here

Don’t underestimate the cool factor a pair of sneakers can even bring to your festive outfits. These will bring quite an edge and laid-back vibe to your Diwali ensemble. Isn’t that precisely what someone may want to emulate with their festive outfits? Not to mention, these cool and casual sneakers are always a good idea for gifting as well. It’s deemed perfect, thanks to its comfort level and closed-toe silhouette. Who wouldn't want a pair that looks stylish and is comfortable?

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 9,999; Available here

White sneakers, Bally

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 55,000; Available here

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 18,500; Available here

Sunglasses are often the go-to accessory for most people and has been that for ages. There are many classic silhouettes for the eyes - square, cat-eye, wayfarers— that make a pair feel like a timeless accessory. And if you’re heading out for a Diwali day function, they can complement your outfit perfectly. Stick with classic colours such as beige or brown but do play around with shapes and silhouettes. From ’70s-inspired oversized square to chunky aviators and Lennon-style rounds, make your Diwali fashion chicer with some of our choices:

UV-protected sunglasses, Paul Smith

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 25,850; Available here

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 34,650; Available here

Oval sunglasses, Longchamp

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 11,490; Available here

Out of all the finishing touches to add to a Diwali outfit, nothing brings joy like a beautiful pair of shoes, especially high heels. Whether you’re reaching for sky-high platform sandals or going the laidback-back route in timeless slingback kitten heels, they have the ability to transform any outfit. Not shy about experimenting with footwear? Take a closer look at our choice of party-ready shoes and grab a pair for yourself or your loved ones.

Bing 100, Jimmy Choo

Blog Detail Images

Price: On request; All Jimmy Choo boutiques in India have the exclusive edit.

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 27,000; Available here

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 25,000; Available here

A festive season staple - whether you tuck them under your lehengas or flaunt them with cropped shararas, the right juttis can really elevate your look. They are a fail-safe mainstay in most of our shoe collections, and now is the perfect time to bring the best pairs out. Being comfortable, they will serve you just as well for everything on your social calendar, whether you’re heading to a Diwali party or some other function. And they are also acing the game with an offering ranging from vibrant neon colours to embroidered details. If you’re looking forward to giving a pair to your loved ones too, they make an excellent choice given the fact that shoes will be versatile enough to go with just about any outfit. Here is our edit of must-have juttis that will have you prepped up for the festive season ahead:

Auroville Botanica jutties, Zouk

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 5559, Available here

Heer jutties, Needledust

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 4990; Available here

Crystal Pops jutties, Fizzy Goblet

Blog Detail Images

Price: Rs 3600; Available here

Photo: Shutterstock; Featured Brands
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