Priyanka Chopra's New Highlights Are All The Rage Right Now

All you need to know about Priyanka Chopra’s new hairstyle and hair colour.

Published On Apr 26, 2023 | Updated On Jul 09, 2024


Priyanka Chopra is practically successful at everything that she attempts; we’re clearly in awe. If Chopra posts a routine that she follows or any product that she uses on her Instagram, lakhs of people are sure to follow suit.

Whether it’s her bold manicure, a new hairstyle, or a shade of lipstick, the ‘desi girl’ influences her followers in India and across the globe effortlessly. 

Chopra’s caramel hair colour has been a patent for a while. That’s why in February when she debuted her chocolate-dipped cherry highlights, it practically broke the internet.

Priyanka’s caramel hair colour added beautifully to her thick brunette hair. And this new ‘Priyanka Chopra hairstyle’ is all the rage currently. 

She debuted her new hairstyle in a Bulgari advertisement, where she sports ‘chocolate-dipped cherry’ hair, one of the most popular hair colours for 2023. The red-tinged brunette hair colour will be highly sought-after this year, even more now. 

The 2023 version of the strawberry blonde hair colour fad, the chocolate-dipped cherry tint is distinguished by the blending of a deep brown and a decidedly red tone shade. Chopra's interpretation of the trend features her own chocolate cherry hair, which has warm, red strands that are expertly combined with a deeper brown. Her hairdo is really fantastic and ideal for showcasing this complex colour. 
The chocolate-dipped cherry highlights blend perfectly with Priyanka’s caramel hair colour, creating a gorgeous, multidimensional effect. The highlights have been seamlessly incorporated into her haircut, giving her hair a playful and flirty vibe.

In the advertisement, Priyanka is sporting bouncy, center-parted layers by celebrity hairstylist Bridget Brager. Brager also works with celebrities like Emma Roberts, and has ensured that Priyanka’s hairstyle looks polished, youthful, and incredibly opulent-looking.

Red hair and its many shades is in the limelight this year. But the chocolate-dipped cherry variation is particularly sexy as it creates a medley of dark and red hues smoothly blending together. The colour almost looks like a cherry dipped in dark chocolate, which ultimately gives the hair a non-flat look. And, makes them looks lucious too.

But more importantly, this is a great colour for brunettes of all skin types. This hue gives brunettes a depth of their colour while still allowing them to enjoy some light-reflective rich tones. And, there are very few shades of hair colour that allow for this kind of an effect on brunettes. 

If you loved Priyanka Chopra’s switch from caramel hair to chocolate-dipped cherry, you should get it too. But first, you’ll need to be a brunette too. If not, then that’s what your hair colourist will have to give you first.

Next, your colourist will need to paint your highlights and gloss them with a deep cherry tone. Make sure you adjust the cherry tone to suit your skin tone. If you want a seamless blend of dark brown and red, you’ll need to go lighter and avoid what you’d normally do to achieve the timeless honey-blonde highlighted look.

Priyanka Chopra’s fashion choices are always worth aping. But with this particular advertisement, we not only loved her hair colour but also her hair cut and clothes.

Chopra sported a collar-grazing cut with a centre-part that frames her face with the layers of her hair. Her tube ribbed all-black body-con is not only flattering but elegantly simple.

The entire focus is naturally on the Bulgari accessories, and to ensure that, Chopra’s nails are nude and her make-up is subtle too.

If you loved Priyanka Chopra’s tresses, you should also consider checking out her haircare brand, Anomaly. This enterprising power woman has achieved a lot and there are a lot of lessons you can imbibe from her life too.

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Photo: Instagram/Priyanka Chopra