Nora Fatehi’s Makeup Artist Shows Us How To Get Glam Looks This Party Season

Celebrity makeup artist Marianna Mukuchyan shares tips on how to incorporate glitter into your makeup for that ideal party look.

Published On Nov 02, 2022 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Nora Fatehi sets the stage on fire as she grooves with actor Siddharth Malhotra to the latest chartbuster Manike from ‘Thank God’ which is a remix of the viral "Manike Maga Hithe" song by Yohani. While you may think that this sultry siren look is only for the theatres, Marianna Mukuchyan, the makeup artist behind the now-viral glamorous look, shares how flawless glam is only a dash of glitter away.

A word of caution though: If you don’t use glitter the right way, it runs a high risk of looking OTT and theatrical. Ahead, pro tips on how to glam up this holiday season.

If you are confident of your makeup application skills and would like to turn the spotlight wherever you go, go for the angelic Manike look. The Nora look can be referred to as celestial; it’s like walking through a cloud of glitter with fairy dust all over. “When it comes to glitter, size matters. If you work with large glitter particles, it’s (more) difficult to handle, and the chances of it looking tacky are high. However, if the glitter particles are fine, you can’t go wrong with it. So, go for the finest particles available,” says Mukuchyan.

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If you like it dainty but still want to dive into the glitter trend, Mukuchyan suggests glamming up glossy eyelids, adding voluminous lashes and groomed brows, blushed cheeks and salmon lips. She suggests dabbing a little bit of glitter on the ring finger and lightly pressing and blending it at the centre of the lids. “Elevate your smoky eyes or ombre lids with a hint of shimmer powder. It gives an instant glamour upgrade to the eye makeup,” she adds. Of course, glitter requires to be balanced. Pair glitter eyes with muted, nude lips to cast a magical spell this festive season.

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To match the pace of sophisticated festive silhouettes, keep the look clean, fresh, and dewy. Embrace the glitter on the outer corner of the eyes and let it fade out from there. This trick works like a charm, especially for beginners or when you are in a hurry as it doesn’t require precision. Outer corners of the eyes, according to Mukuchyan, are one of the safest places to try out glitter without making it look clumsy.

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Photo: Instagram/Nora Fatehi, Marianna Mukuchyan; featured brands