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Be Unapologetically Yourself, It’s Beautiful: Manushi Chhillar

Former Miss World and the new face for Estée Lauder India‘s Advanced Night Repair serum shares her skincare secrets.

Tejashee Kashyap

The night of November 18, 2017, brought Indian actor and pageant winner, Manushi Chhillar a euphoric high that only five other Indian women have experienced so far - the Miss World crown. The victory galvanised a change in Chhillar's perspective on beauty and showbiz, “It opened my eyes to the fact that we are all our own kind of beautiful. We are embracing a notion of inclusivity and moving forward with how beauty doesn't have to fit into a box or conform to society's standards.”

Chhillar comes from a family of doctors and is well aware that the gateway to good skin is by maintaining good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. But she is also an ardent believer that being comfortable in one's skin is the first step to feeling beautiful. “My definition of beauty is taking care of yourself and being confident in who you are. My perception of beauty has always been that people who are unapologetically themselves are beautiful,” she says. 

The former Miss World is now also the new face for the coveted beauty brand, Estée Lauder India‘s Advanced Night Repair serum. “I love a lot of things about this serum,” Chhillar shares excitedly. Having won a beauty pageant, she is quite well aware of the importance of a good skincare routine.

In an interview with Zee Zest, we discover that Chhillar follows a simple routine to maintain her skin. She lets us in on the importance of self-care that forms her beauty mantra.

Edited excerpts:

1.  Good skincare or good makeup - which one do you invest in and why?

I think it’s important to invest in both. Good skincare is important because that becomes the base on which you apply makeup. If your skin is inherently good – makeup always looks better.

2. With ‘skinmalism’ emerging as a strong trend, what are your morning and evening skincare routines like?

These days, I’ve been keeping them quite simple. In the morning, I like to go in with a good cleanser, followed by the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum, followed by a moisturiser and never skipping SPF. In the night, I do a  double cleanse, followed by the same night repair serum and moisturiser.

3. Who is your biggest beauty inspiration and what have you learned from her?

My biggest beauty inspiration is my mother. One of the most important lessons I learned from her is that nothing replaces good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and self-care.

4. How do you think fitness and beauty align with each other?

Fitness and beauty obviously go hand in hand. Fitness is self-care and people who take of themselves and invest in their health whether it’s a lifestyle, physical fitness, nutrition or mental health are truly on the path to holistic beauty.

5.  What are the benefits of yoga as a form of exercise for your skin and hair?

I think any form of exercise; especially yoga is great for your skin and hair. It helps increase blood flow, regulates circulation and releases good hormones. Being healthy on the inside will ensure you’re beautiful on the outside too!

6. Do you have any go-to makeup hacks?

I think my go-to makeup hack right now is to take a little bit of the night repair serum and add that to my foundation to give it that natural glow.

7. What is your one skincare secret that no one talks about?

I don’t think this is a secret, but my number one mantra is having a good lifestyle and that includes a balanced routine of healthy food and exercise coupled with destressing activities to ensure I’m taking care of my mental and emotional health – all this cumulates into giving me good skin

8. What do you love about the Advanced Night Repair Serum and why did you choose this product over others?

It’s always there in my bag, I love that it comes in different sizes so I can always have it with me. It’s non-greasy, non-oily and lightweight, It’s really like seven serums packed into one and is a powerhouse. Its benefits include hydration, strengthening, firming, reducing fine lines, antioxidant protection, and evens skin tone - all resulting in beautiful radiance. Overall, my skin has improved immensely since I started using this serum.

9.  If there is one beauty stereotype that you want to see cancelled, what would that be?

I think every beauty stereotype should be cancelled - your size, length of hair, and how much make-up you use or if you don’t. Because beauty is meant to be enjoyed and for you to feel good. If there’s one rule to beauty, it’s that there are no rules to beauty.

Photo: Instagram/Manushi Chhillar
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