Light Makeup Look: The New Makeup Trend That's Here To Stay

Natural Finish Makeup Looks That are Slaying in 2022

Published On Sep 23, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Just when you thought makeup trends could not get more innovative, 2022 brought back a fresh take on the clean girl beauty aesthetic. We all know season transitions spike temperatures, and everything needs a makeover from your skincare to your wardrobe. If you’re a novice in the beauty aesthetic game, you might not be able to understand why your makeup looks heavy and cakey. This season, prevent meltdowns with light makeup looks that will help your skin breathe on balmy summer days.

From runways to the streets, looking chic is synonymous with white aesthetic shades. Tackling everyday sweat and grime, ditch the heavy-duty glam look as you work your way with five beauty staples. All you need is some foundation, highlighter, eyeshadow, kajal, and lipstick to get that neutral finish makeup glow.

5 ways to style light make-up looks

After the year that was, putting on heavy makeup sounds so exhausting. Extremely unestimated, light makeup looks will excavate your beloved favourites and pack a punch even when you’re pressed on time.

A naturally pink-flushed look on a warm sunny day is all about that sneaky glow. Clean your face with a hydrating face wash and moisturise it with a water-based product before you begin your makeup. This natural finish makeup will take less than 10 minutes to complete. Apply a base layer of foundation, brush on a shimmery gold highlighter, kohl-lined eyes, and a light pink lip balm for rosy tinted lips. Voila, your date night look is ready.

There is something about earthy shades that have a calming effect on us. Brown and shades of brown will mull a warm radiant glow to the face when applied stringently. If you’ve not stepped out of the house, but want that sexy tan—try the soft muted brown makeup hack. Brown eyes, bronze-tinted cheekbones, and glossy eyes make for an aesthetic look for formal events.

The easiest way to look less tired after a crazy night is to use peachy shades to look radiant. Complementing the yellowish Indian skin tone, a wash of gold and peach eyeshadow is a great way to awaken tired eyes. A mattifying peach blush with just a dab of matching lipstick will leave you looking fab from breakfast to brunch. Line those eyes with kajal and primp up the lashes to draw attention to your big bold eyes.

There is something about light eye makeup looks that can transform even a simple outfit, making it runway-worthy. With a base makeup of foundation and highlighter in place, it comes down to the eyes. Iconic soft smokey eyes are something that will never go out of style. From formal dinners to traditional Indian wedding functions, sensual eyes, neutral lips, and a gold-tinted blush will leave you looking elegant without the heavy glam. An eye palette with nude, brown, and black matte is enough to create pigmented eyes that speak a thousand words.

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We Indians love gold, be it clothes, jewellery, or makeup. So when the gold dewy trend flew into the beauty space, it conquered the market like no other. A light makeup look from the book of ace stylists, achieving a simple dewy gold glow is easy but tricky. Too much and you could look like a chandelier, too less and people would mistake it for sweat. The trick is to mix a drop of your highlighter into the foundation and seamlessly spread it using your fingertips. A touch of gold eyeshadow and nude lips will be your new go-to natural makeup look.

When opting for light makeup looks, remember less is more. Use no more than five products at a time to achieve a  clean look. As a beginner making a faux pass is inevitable, keep an eye out for these 10 Common Makeup Blunders You Did Not Know You Were Making.

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