Tamannaah Bhatia’s Makeup Artist Decodes Her Iconic Cannes Makeup Looks

Florian Hurel, the star’s makeup artist, breaks down her classic beauty looks from the Cannes Film Festival.

Published On May 19, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


You may take the annual Cannes Film Festival as a showcase of the world's greatest film talent, but you cannot ignore the spellbinding beauty and fashion that is showcased on the red carpet or out and about in the beautiful city of Cannes. The 2022-Red Carpet even saw a lot of Indian celebrities debuting, including actor Tamannaah Bhatia who looked absolutely ravishing in all her looks. 


From her statement-worthy eye makeup to her sleek hairstyles, she was the very picture of fresh-faced radiance. Celebrity makeup artist, Florian Hurel has been creating Bhatia’s distinct beauty looks for six years now, “Makeup for me is all about enhancing the already beautiful features,” he adds.  And who better than Florian himself to decode these glam makeup looks from Cannes 2022?

Tamannaah’s first look from Cannes Film Festival included a vibrant green pistachio-coloured pantsuit paired with a lavender corset. The star of her overall look was definitely the surreal purple-mauve shadowed eyes in both metallic and matte finishes and how those fluttery lashes just complemented it right. Another highlight of the look was also her perfectly defined cheeks which were accentuated with cool-toned blush and highlighter all over.  For her chic hairdo, Florian tells, “a sharp clean hairstyle is an obvious choice for a pantsuit look, but I chose a textured messy up-do to give it a softer, more feminine look.”


Here’s a detailed guide on how Florian brought the look to life:

  1. I started with prepping the skin by using a rich and lightweight moisturiser. I love using Emoline as it is a chemical and fragrance-free product and suits all skin types as well
  2. Next, I used a foundation from Chanel, in just enough quantity to even out the skin tone. Thereafter, I contoured the face using a cream stick, followed by a cream blush from Fenty Beauty. 
  3. My goal was to complement her eyes with her lime-green pantsuit and the purple and mauve theme seemed to fit perfectly. Thus, I began with a cream-based eye shadow and enhanced it with a powder shadow from Tom Ford. 
  4. And to define the eyes better, I lined it using black kohl very close to the lash line. And using slightly more than usual mascara helped to lift the eyes.


Once again, Tamannaah oozed elegance in an elegant ball gown at the Cannes, accompanied by a minimal glam look that featured soft-rosy and highlighted cheeks that made the look appear more natural and glowing. This time, her makeup concentrated on accentuating her blush and contouring more of her facial features. The highlight was undoubtedly the dramatic open-ended eyeliner that stood out all by itself. It was a radiant everyday look that turned heads at the event.

Florian started with skin prep and base makeup with Emoline and foundation to even out the skin tone, followed by sharp contouring and cream blush application. Here’s what he did next:

  1. I covered the lids with cream eye shadow, outlined a double crease in black liner, and applied nude lipstick. Finally, I added more mascara to complete the look. 
  2. For the hair, I opted for an open but sleek and textured hairstyle to work with the entire look.

In a sequinned cocktail dress worn with a long sheer black cape, Tamannaah finally walked the famous red carpet for the Cannes Film Festival and it was nothing less than elegant! While her eyes were kohl-rimmed and her lids were soft and smoky, her makeup was more subtle than her scintillating outfit. Apart from prepping the skin, this is how Florian created the look:

  1. I contoured her skin with a cream stick and cream blush from Fenty Beauty for a chiselled look. 
  2. For the eyes, I kept it minimal using soft smoky eyeshadow and smudged it with a combination of black and brown cream pencil. Lastly, I applied mascara to lift the eyes. Lips were again kept nude. 
  3. For the hair, I made a snatched sleek bun to give it a clean and chic look.

Photo: Florian Hurel