From Model To Fashioneiress : Sonam Babani Shares Her Fashion Mantra

Street market finds, heirloom pieces and exclusive luxury must-haves, this fashion Influencer tell us how to be a trendsetter.

Published On May 24, 2021 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


From walking the ramp for fashion designer and couturier Gaurav Gupta to  making her presence at the Milan Fashion Week 2019, she is now changing the face of luxury fashion in India by creating content for several  luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci in the fast-consuming digital world and making luxury fashion accessible for younger audiences. A celebrity stylist and luxury consultant; Sonam Babani, one of the most influential luxury bloggers in India, transitions from Indian looks to western looks with equal panache. Whether it is street fashion or luxury fashion, according to this fashionista comfort is the key that one should never compromise on.
 "There are so many things that I don't think I would have tried had I not been in the field of fashion.  I am a shy personality, but because of my profession, I have pushed my boundaries, and have come out of my shell. I feel like it has changed me as a person, allowed me to grow, and exposed me a lot more than I would've otherwise." 

Being an influencer comes with its own set of responsibilities, therefore, she makes sure to create as much original content as possible. "I only promote brands that I love and use or would like to wear. I have an eclectic sense of style so I try to mix up my looks, you will never see me repeat the same kind of style. I also enjoy experimenting with my looks,  and I feel like my audience loves seeing that. My collaborations designs reflect my personality and are the kind that would interest my followers."  

Moreover, the fashioneiress (as she chooses to call herself on social media) has also recently launched her self-curated and self-designed skincare box called Skinvestment. "A lot of people used to ask me about my skincare routine and I wanted to promote local brands. I didn't want to take the usual route and talk about homegrown brands through posts. So, I worked with my favourite skincare brands – the ones that I use,  put them in a box and designed it. People have loved it and I'm excited to see what I can do in the retail space now."  

Apart from being a fashion enthusiast, Sonam, who is also an avid traveller, loves to shop from both local street markets as well as high-end stores, and has her list of favourites from across the globe.  

"My favourite shopping destination is Florence, and a store called Luisaviaroma. They have some of the coolest buys, like a whole range of luxury brands, and their pieces are rare and fun. I also love shopping or even window shopping in Vegas. I love street shopping in Hong Kong because I find my size easily and they have some chic pieces just like in Seoul, South Korea. I love going to the night markets and street shopping in Asian countries."  

She even finds Bandra's culture of sleek jewellery fascinating and loves to shop from the street hawkers there. Moreover, while Fifth Avenue is her favourite place in New York, in London it's the Old Bond Street, and Oxford Street.     

Sonam believes that fashion is something that can say a lot about a person. "Fashion and luxury are a way of living. Fashion speaks a lot about who you are as a person, it's an art. And when you put fashion and luxury together, many interesting things can happen."   

She adds, "Comfort is key. Back in the day there was a belief that you can't look fashionable if you are going to be comfortable which I think our generation has changed. Athleisure has become a big thing; even high fashion brands have come up with some of the coolest street wear. I love how all these things have come together, and how comfort, fashion and luxury have all become one."


“One of my favourite  accessories is a vintage Chanel chain belt which I think can be passed down generations There’s also my mother's wedding saree, which is so beautiful and so on trend, it looks like it's a day old. I love Chanel accessories, the first boy bag that I bought is a red Chanel Boy, which I believe is a must-have. Some of my other favourites is the classic Patek Philippe Nautilus watch, which is like the Birkin of watches.”

While this is how she has built a high-fashion investment filled closet, in order to make it eclectic, she suggests one to look everywhere while travelling, and never miss the local and vintage markets for some rare finds.

Although she doesn't mind thrift shopping, she would never compromise on the quality of the material and the look. Babani suggests to steer clear of synthetic fabrics and perfumed beauty products that can be harmful.

  1. Be careful of the shade of foundation.
  2. Don't try to go darker or lighter than your original shade.
  3. Avoid over contouring and make sure your makeup is blended well.
  4. Don't try and mix too many trends in one look.
  5. Mix up a classic and a new trend.
  6. Don't over accessorise.
  1. Lip balm
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Listerine strip
  4. A pair of earrings
  5. A little Chanel card wallet

As a digital content curator, for Sonam it's very important to be yourself. "If you are trying to speak someone else's language it's not going to work. Instead show what you love and in your own language, as that's what people will understand." 

Photo: Instagram/fashioneiress