How To Pose In A Lehenga To Get The Most Dreamy Pictures

If you're wearing a lehenga on your big day, save this post because it's your handy guide on the right poses for your big day!

Published On May 10, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


A wedding is an emotional, thrilling and nerve-wracking event. It's not like the bride doesn't have enough on her plate, the bride's wish of capturing every special moment to freeze time in a picture is an integral part of her fairytale. There is a Pinterest mood board for every aspect of the wedding, from the wedding decor to outfits to choreography to photography to fun ideas that make the wedding an affair to remember.

While you are exploring photography ideas, you may stumble on hundreds of stylish photo poses in lehengas but might feel lost as to which lehenga photoshoot pose would work for your personality, comfort and lehenga. Well, fret not. We have you covered with the top 8 bridal poses in lehengas, so make your pick from these lehenga poses!

8 stylish photo poses in lehengas for every kind of bride

Well, not all brides are posers. Some are shy and nervous and just can't get themselves to pose. That doesn't mean your lehenga photoshoot pose goes amiss on your big day! The coy bridal pose saves the day in a situation like this and the pictures are no less than a dream.

Pro tip: If you feel uncomfortable looking into the camera, ask a friend to stand on the side (outside the frame). Look at them and who knows, you might also get some fun candid pictures.

While the norm has always been for brides to be coy, things have changed now, and we couldn't be happier. Brides having the time of their life, laughing, dancing, and celebrating their special day is no longer frowned upon and is a great way to get the most heart-warming and joy-filled photos.

Pro Tip: Get a 'plandid' shot with your love, laughter and lehenga in the frame. Thank us later!

How can you wear a lehenga and not twirl for a picture or a slo-mo (or both)? The most no-brainer lehenga photoshoot idea to channel your inner princess, the twirl is as fun as it is easy to photograph. You can also get fabulous shots on your phone as you do a twirl or two using the burst mode. Talk about love spinning your world around with one of the most unique bridal poses in lehenga.

No one is more excited about your wedding than your bestie. You could be a bridezilla or a bride chiller, either way, your best friend deserves some time with the bride; the two of you doing what you love and loving what you do: posing for pictures. The lehengas, the backdrop, and the grandeur are all here to make your Bollywood BFF photoshoot dreams come true. Seize the day!

Marriage is literally and figuratively all about leaning on your love on good days and bad! Start them early and capture this emotion and promise in a leaning pose. Don't forget to fan out your lehenga once you pose, you may need a certain best friend (or an army) to keep it aesthetic and heartfelt.

There is so much beauty everywhere you see. Capture these little efforts that amount to the bigger picture of all the grandeur. Take a few pictures with your lehenga and jewellery to capture the enchantment of your bridal beauty. This picture will remind you how millions of little details came together to create the most beautiful symphony of a spell-binding bridal beauty.

The most treasured element of the bridal attire is the veil. Prop it in a dramatic way to sneak a peek at your beloved as you walk down the aisle while making the guests swoon in excitement and executing the most unique lehenga photoshoot ideas! Talk about killing 3 birds with one stone and having a blast while doing so with one of the most enchanting poses with a lehenga.

The emotions a bride feels towards her parents at her wedding are unparalleled. While you may find your eyes welling up in more moments than one, make it a point to schedule some time to pose with the woman giving her all to: your mom. This sacred bond needs to be preserved in your wedding pictures while the two of you strike some poses for a lehenga photoshoot! Hug her, kiss her, and get comfortable in her warm embrace. Let the authenticity of maternal love do its magic!

Poser or not, if you liked reading these lehenga photoshoot ideas, you might enjoy reading these saree poses ideas and how to reuse a wedding lehenga. Happy reading!