How To Grow Hair Faster? 7 Easy Steps To Have Thick, Long, Lush Hair

Read below for ideas to grow long and strong hair with consistent efforts.

Published On Apr 27, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


How to grow stronger and longer hair faster? Let’s get this straight – There is no hack to growing hair fast. Truth is that hair growth takes time and a lot of effort. Many hairstylists and dermatologists believe that growing hair is a multifold and slow process which requires consistency and discipline. Read below for ideas to grow long and strong hair with consistent efforts.


Regular trimming saves hair from the damage caused by environmental pollution like dust, dirt, and UV rays. It is an activity suggested by many hairstylists, who recommend that everyone must trim their split ends every six weeks to improve their hair quality. Hair trimming will eliminate the chances of split ends hereby; hence it will not hinder your hair growth.


If you are planning to grow hair faster, you must emphasise on the scalp. That’s why our grandmothers have always emphasized massaging hair with oil regularly. Adding scalp care into your daily routine can boost hair growth.  

Employing ingredients like antioxidants and vitamin C to your hair care routine can ensure a healthy scalp and strong hair. One can also use natural essential oils or coconut oils to improve their hair health. Jojoba oil, rich in Vitamin E, and rosemary oil, have recently emerged as effective remedies for hair fall.  


The erratic hair growth cycle leads to hair-related problems like split ends, irregular hair growth, hair fall, and flaky scalp. It further slows down the process of hair regrowth. So, adding proteins to your diet can help maintain an appropriate and timely hair growth cycle. Many hair experts believe adding some proteins in fish, eggs, pulses, etc., at breakfast and lunch can encourage hair growth.

If you are a vegan, you can add food items like quinoa, tofu, nuts and seeds, buckwheat, and oats to your diet to match the protein per cent required to stimulate hair growth.

Just as much as brushing your teeth before going to bed is important, so is brushing your hair before you sleep. The right way to do this is to use the right hairbrush as research has proven that combing your hair with the right brush can increase blood flow in the scalp leading to healthy hair growth.

You can opt for rounded and cushion-based combs to avoid damaging your hair’s outer cuticle. Also, never brush your hair from the roots. It can create friction and damage the hair shaft paving way for hair fall problems. 


When we are talking about caffeine experiments, it doesn’t mean you have to increase the intake of coffee every day. Instead, we are talking about using caffeine-based hair products such as shampoo, serum, or oil as they will improve the blood flow towards the scalp and counteract DHT, which is a hormone responsible for most hair loss.

If you have tried out all the hacks mentioned above and are still dealing with consistent hair loss, you must consult your doctor or dermatologist, who can conduct the right test and suggest the best treatment. 

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