Embrace Your Inner Barbie: How To Rock The Iconic Pink Lip Colour For Your Skin Tone

A comprehensive guide with essential tips and recommended natural shades of lipstick to embrace your inner Barbie with confidence.

Published On Aug 09, 2023 | Updated On Jul 10, 2024


The Barbie pink is an iconic look that has stood the test of time, symbolising fun, femininity, and confidence. Pulling off all lipstick shades in pink hues is not limited to a specific skin tone. Whether you have fair skin or are looking for lipstick shades for Indian skin or need a shade to up your dark skin, you too can effortlessly embrace the Barbie pink lip and make it your own. We're here to guide you through selecting the perfect shade of pink that complements your skin tone, along with some essential tips to ensure you rock this classic look flawlessly.

How to rock the iconic pink colour for your skin tone

If you have fair skin, it's essential to choose a Barbie pink lip colour that won't overwhelm your complexion. Opt for soft, delicate pink lipstick shades with cool undertones. Look for shades that have a touch of blue or lilac to create a harmonious balance. These hues will add a lovely pop of colour without appearing too harsh. Stay away from overly bright or neon pinks, as they might wash you out.
Recommended lip colour: A light petal pink or a soft rose with blue undertones will complement fair skin beautifully. Opt for a matte lipstick in your favourite shade.

Application tip: Prep your lips with a gentle scrub and a hydrating lip balm before applying the lipstick colour. This ensures a smooth canvas for the colour and prevents it from settling into any dry patches.

Pro tip: Opt for hydrating lipsticks to skip the lip balm application

Medium skin tones have a wide range of options when it comes to pulling off the Barbie pink lip. Embrace warmer pink lipstick shades that have hints of coral or peach in them. These shades will add a touch of vibrancy to your lips and enhance your natural warmth. Avoid pale pinks that may appear too subtle and instead, opt for medium shades that pack a bit more punch.

Recommended lip colour: Look for a soft coral pink or a warm watermelon pink to flatter your medium skin tone. There are lots of options of lipstick shades for Indian skin available. Time to go swatching.

Application tip: To make your Barbie pink lip colour last longer, apply a lip liner in a similar shade before filling in your lips with the lipstick colour. This will create a base that helps prevent feathering and fading.

Deep skin tones can pull off bold, intense lipstick shades of Barbie pink with ease. Embrace deeper pinks with warm undertones, as they will complement your skin's richness and create a stunning contrast. Avoid lighter pinks, as they may not show up as prominently on your lips.

Recommended lip colour: Opt for a vibrant fuchsia or a bold magenta to create a striking look that beautifully complements your deep skin tone.

Application tip: After applying your Barbie pink lip colour, use a clean lip brush to define the edges of your lips for a precise finish. This step helps in achieving a professional look and prevents any smudging.

While factoring in the basic skin tone is important, don't forget to play with other hacks. We have shared a few below for you to seek some inspiration from.

  1. Balance with neutral makeup: While Barbie pink lips are the star of the show, it's crucial to maintain balance with the rest of your makeup. Opt for neutral or soft shades on your eyes and cheeks to let your lips take centre stage. Earthy eyeshadows, subtle blush, and a touch of highlighter can help achieve a harmonious and polished look.
  2. Experiment with lip liner: To achieve a flawless Barbie pink pout, consider using a lip liner that matches your best lipstick colour or is just slightly darker. Lip liner not only helps define the shape of your lips but also prevents the lipstick from feathering. For a plumper appearance, slightly overline your lips, but do so subtly to keep the look natural.
  3. Customise your pink: Don't be afraid to mix lip colours to find your perfect Barbie pink. If you can't find the ideal shade, blend a warmer pink with a cooler one, or add a touch of white to adjust the intensity. Customising your lip colour ensures a unique and personalised look that complements your specific skin tone.
  4. Don't skip the lip prep: Before applying the pink lip colour, ensure your lips are smooth and well-hydrated. Exfoliate gently with a lip scrub to remove any dead skin and follow up with a nourishing lip balm. This step ensures a smooth application and prevents the lipstick from settling into lines or dry patches.
  5. Consider your outfit: When rocking the Barbie pink lip, take your outfit into account. This bold lip colour can work well with various styles, from casual to elegant, but it's essential to consider the overall look you want to achieve. Coordinate your outfit to compliment your lips, and you'll exude confidence and style.
  6. Maintain confidence: Pulling off the Barbie pink lip colour is not just about the makeup; it's about carrying the look with confidence. Embrace your inner Barbie and rock the pink lips with pride. A positive attitude and self-assurance will enhance your overall appearance and make you stand out in any crowd.
  7. Touch up throughout the day: The vibrancy of Barbie pink lips can fade throughout the day, especially after meals or drinks. Keep your lipstick handy for touch-ups to maintain that bold and fresh look. Blot your lips gently before reapplying to avoid any caking or buildup.

The best lipstick colour in shades of Barbie pink is a timeless and versatile choice that suits everyone, regardless of their skin tone. Embrace your individuality and experiment with different shades of pink to find the one that makes you feel confident and radiant. Remember to balance the intensity of the colour with your skin tone and have fun expressing your unique style. With the right shade and a few application tips, you can effortlessly rock the iconic trending lipstick, just like Barbie. 

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