Men's Jeans: Understanding The Different Fits, Fabrics & Styles

A staple in men’s wardrobes, here is a list of all types of jeans for you to choose from according to your body type and style.

Published On Jun 30, 2023 | Updated On Jul 10, 2024


Which type of jeans will look good on me? What type of jeans are the best for a smart-casual dress code? Which fit is right for me? Should I pick an in-seam, high rise, or a flare? Do these questions cloud your fashion judgement? Don’t worry, dear men! We have all your denim woes covered in our style guide below! Keep reading, and by the end of it, you will know all about jeans.

When it comes to picking the everyday denim staple, the terminology around jeans can cause a lot of confusion, and you are not alone there. There is no other piece of clothing as effortlessly stylish as a pair of jeans.

Regardless of whether you are on the lookout for a new style of jeans or are in the mood of stocking your basics, knowing about different types of jeans for men is a smart move. With a plethora of options available in the market, we have decoded different types of jeans with names and pictures so you can pick the perfect pair to suit your body type and style.

A guide to different types of jeans for men

Where it all started - the original, timeless denim cut. Straight up-and-down fit through the entire leg, the classic straight-cut jeans come in a comfy fit to let you move and sit at ease. Sometimes referred to as regular fit jeans, these have the most versatile fit that suits just about anyone, a classic staple that every man must have in his closet.

Body type: Best suited for tall men with wider hips.

Need a comfy fit but a sleek sharp look? Go for a straight taper! A favourite among men and women of all ages, a straight taper is one of the most common styles of jeans you will find. The silhouette starts straight from the thigh with a tapered leg that narrows down the knees and through the hem. Talk about comfort and style in a single pair of jeans!

Body type: Ideal for those with longer legs looking for a slim fit that’s not too snug.

Skinny jeans are usually preferred by men with a lean structure as they help in elongating the legs. Not too famous for being the most functional and comfortable, they sure look sharp and chic! How to style them, you wonder? Wear this sleek pair of jeans with a fitted shirt or throw on a sporty tee along with some sneakers.

Body type: Ideal for those with a slim and lean body frame.

A smarter alternative to slim-fit jeans, the slim taper will give you just the right kind of fit - a blend of straight and skinny-fit jeans. Being slightly more comfortable around the thighs as compared to the slim-fit jeans, these taper into a slimmer fit so that you can enjoy the sleek look without having to pick a fitted pair of jeans. Slim taper gives a more formal look when matched with a blazer and leather shoes.

Body type: Good for those with an average build and short height.

Of all the types of jeans we have talked about, bootcut is not quite mainstream but has recently made a comeback for men. The bootcut jeans flare out a bit at the ankles and go well with ankle boots. From being associated with farms, ranches, and cowboys for many years now, these pair up best with plaid shirts inspired by the 70s.

Body type: Ideal for men with a slim waist having muscular legs and hips.

Different types of jeans exude silhouettes, style, and much more but the relaxed straight jeans pull together an effortless denim look. Often confused with straight-cut jeans, a relaxed straight pair is loose through the knee giving it an almost baggy look. These types of jeans for men give the comfiest and roomiest fit from top to bottom making it a popular go-to option for daily wear.

Body type: Perfect pick for the guys with wider hips. The skinny folks may pick this to sneak into the baggy jeans territory.

Fit from every angle, a cut that never feels tight is what describes relaxed taper jeans the best. The tapered cut of relaxed taper jeans creates a slimming shape from the waist to the ankle which makes them a perfect everyday option. Wear a regular-fit shirt or a casual t-shirt with this and you will be ready for rocking one of your best looks to sport for your office or to party at night.

Body type: Appropriate for someone with an average to slim build who likes a casual fit.

Maximising breathability from top to bottom, wide-leg jeans are easy to carry. Cut and designed in a way that one can enjoy the comfort of wearing jeans, these kinds of jeans are loose and relaxed through the knee. If wide-leg jeans are styled well, they can elevate your style and make a big impression. One can’t go wrong with a pair of wide-leg jeans, a shirt, and classic aviators.

Body type: Suitable for all body types - be it petite or plus size. Just make sure to buy the right fit and length as per your size and height

Sitting about 5 to 8 inches below the natural waistline, low-rise jeans became quite a thing back in the 60s and 70s. Having made a comeback in the past two decades, the hem of these lower-type jeans lies below the belly button which gives you a relaxed feel while offering a casual fit to the body.

Body type: Good for men with short torsos and longer legs.

An extremely popular style in the 1940s, and 50s until about the late 80s, high-rise jeans work wonders for men on the heavier side. Giving an illusion of longer legs, the rise of these jeans sits close to the belly button.
Body type: Ideal for men with an average build and those on the heavier side.

Being one of the most versatile clothing in the world of fashion, different types of jeans make the perfect pick for a casual get-together, office essentials, outdoor activities, or running errands. Make sure to select the right pair for yourself that suits your body type while also being comfortable and stylish.

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