7 Ways To Elevate Your Baggy Jeans With These Simple Style Tips

Love comfort as much as you love fashion? These trending baggy jeans will take your fashion game up a notch when you style it like a boss.

Published On Sep 13, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


In a world where fashion choices are dictated by body silhouettes, there exists a small yet impactful group of people for whom being comfortable is as important as looking chic. Tight and restricting jeans are great if you don’t feel sorry for your legs. From choosing baggy jeans over skinny jeans and sneakers in favour of heels, if fashion for you is synonymous with casual chic, we’re here to help you.

So if you are trying to figure out how to style oversized jeans without looking too casual, we have some style tips up our sleeves. No, we’re not suggesting oversized sweatshirts or a body-con crop top. A new hero style emerging this fall, baggy jeans are a comfier alternative slowly making it to our wardrobe staples.

An incredibly popular and versatile style from the 90s, baggy jeans have a wider silhouette than straight-leg jeans. Exuding vintage vibes, these oversized jeans have a hugging waistline and gracefully taper down for an ultimate off-duty look. A pair of well-fitted baggy jeans should be cinched at the waist and offer plenty of legroom as they loosely fall around the ankles.

One of the best baggy jeans styles is a cropped pair finishing a little above the ankles. These loose jeans with a top scream comfortable casual, without making you look like a homeless nomad. Perfect to run your Sunday errands in, style your cropped jeans with a simple white top and open flip-flops for an easy chilled-out vibe.

Who said your wide-leg jeans outfits have to be boring? Style up a denim blue pair with a solid tank top, statement gold jewellery, and sneakers. It will become your new weekend uniform that is both comfortable and chic.

A high-waisted wide-leg jeans outfit, the boyfriend baggy look is a fresh take on the quintessential 90s vibe. Embracing the black-on-black trend, you can pair a short structured top with a pair of breezy loose jeans and white sneakers for an effortlessly cool look. If you want to spice things up, throw on a jacket or blazer to add flair to your ensemble.

Sometimes when we think of jeans, what we really want is a pair of comfortable pants without the weight of jeans. This combination of white loose pants with a top is every monochrome lover's dream look. White on white can instantly elevate a simple everyday look when you style it with the right accessories. A beige jacket, contrasting heels, and gold jewellery will take your effortlessly chic outfit to posh in a snap.

A typical baggy jeans outfit is the combination of a pair of relaxed-fit jeans with timeless wardrobe staples like a white tee and a trench coat. A pair of sunglasses, a messy bun, chunky gold hoop earrings, and white sneakers will effortlessly glam up your look. You can complete your brunch look with a chic handbag and a fedora if the occasion calls for it.

Baggy jeans styling just got easier with a pair of ripped classics. Super comfortable and incredibly versatile to style, ripped baggy jeans with a satin strappy number and heels are an understated sexy date night look. A stylish clutch and combed-back slick hair will add an edge to your ogle-worthy ensemble.

Just because we call these loose denim pants mom jeans, doesn’t mean other women should abstain from wearing them. Incredibly stylish and comfortable, these at-home baggy jeans are perfect to lounge in, or even host guests for a casual dinner. Put back those overused sweatpants because these mom jeans come with a cinched elastic waistband, have ample breathable space, and are just as comfortable as they sound. Pair them with a cotton knit sweatshirt, statement sliders, and minimal jewellery for an easy at-home dinner.

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Baggy jeans styling is a vibe in itself. Not too laid-back, nor too glamorous–these easy-going outfit ideas are curated to complement different body silhouettes. Our seven outfit ideas work across changing seasons, making jeans a staple item in your wardrobe. If you are apprehensive about the fit, check out these Fashion Tips That Will Make You Look Slimmer Instantly.

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