Get The Wedding Glow Naturally With This Expert’s Step-By-Step Skincare Guide

Prachi Bhandari, Co-founder & Head of Research, Development and Training at Aminu Skincare shares a pre-wedding skincare routine for natural glow and radiance.

Published On Dec 27, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Who does not want naturally radiant and glowing skin for their wedding? However, to get glowing skin, there is no one solution that fits all. You first need to identify (on your own or preferably with the help of an expert) what is your skin’s unique mood and what it needs to become naturally radiant and glowing for the big day. Second, skincare is a marathon and needs discipline. Third, pre-wedding days are unlike any other time in the life of a bride and groom. The stress that comes with planning and executing a wedding can cause your skin to react and behave differently. Thus it needs that extra care.


So, here are a couple of things you should remember when it comes to skincare in the run-up to your nuptials.

These are a few essential steps that you must start following at least two months before the big day in addition to the basic routine of 2x a day of pH-balanced cleansing, moisturising and sunscreen every morning.

Head to a salon that you know specialises in facial treatments. Get a skin consultation and draw out a once-a-fortnight treatment plan based on your skin’s moods and concerns. Professional treatments, such as Aminu’s Antioxidant Radiance Treatment, are designed and carefully delivered to provide your skin with the extra care it needs.


While you visit the salon once every fortnight, also do gentle exfoliation at home once or twice a week. Exfoliation, when done in moderation, is a great way to increase cell turnover and naturally reveal baby-like soft glowing skin. I would recommend a face scrub or an overnight peel for gentle at-home exfoliation.


Like I said earlier, everyone wants glowing skin, however, the solution to glowing skin is not the same for everyone. You need to identify the underlying reason for dullness and then work on it with a potent serum. What you need to focus on here is not how much an ingredient is trending but rather does the serum have everything your skin needs to become naturally radiant. I would generally recommend adding actives such as antioxidants (Vit C), barrier repair (Vit B3) and humectants (Hyaluronic Acid) in your home care. Try multi-active serums such as Aminu’s longevity serum to avoid the hassle of buying and applying five different serums.


The stress of the wedding added on to regular work stress is most likely to show up under your eyes in the form of those dark puffy under-eye bags. Easier said than done, but try getting enough sound sleep. Calming oils such as Nourishing Sleep Oil can help you get beauty sleep. If you feel your dark circles are very evident, you can add an under-eye cream that targets puffiness in your regime.

While you show your face extra TLC, don’t forget the rest of your body, especially your neck, décolleté area, back and arms. Using a gentle exfoliating body wash such as AHA Body Wash followed up with a brightening body oil such as Vit C Body Oil on a daily basis and a body scrub once a week can help achieve smooth bright skin in six to eight weeks.


In the month leading up to your wedding, stick to what has been working for you. Every day, there will be new actives and new products in the market but resist the urge to try new products unless advised by experts. God forbid, in case there is a reaction to an active, a food ingredient or if nothing else to increased stress, first of all, don’t panic! Stress can further aggravate the reaction. Talk to an expert (PS: you can always reach out to Aminu’s team of cosmetologists for one-on-one advice) on how to fix the reaction and follow their advice diligently.

During the wedding, you would be applying and staying with makeup for long hours. Use an antioxidant-powered oil as a primer under the makeup. The antioxidants keep the skin nourished and prevent makeup from becoming patchy and dark due to oxidation. Once the day is over, and even though you are exhausted, never sleep with your makeup on! Remove your makeup using an oil-based cleanser, follow it up with a water-based cleanser and then finally finish off with your night serum, cream or oil. If you want a hassle-free anti-bacterial makeup remover, look for Melting Balm Cleanser.


During the last week, stop exfoliating and instead put on a face mask every night. This will help unclog pores and improve and help your skin recuperate from the adverse effects of day-long makeup to restore natural radiance.

While it may seem like a lot, these are tiny habits that will seamlessly fit into your busy pre-wedding schedule and will help you achieve that natural radiance from within. And if you develop some of these skincare habits, continue with them after your wedding to maintain that healthy, radiant, and clean look forever and ever after. In case you have more questions or need help in finding your personalised wedding skincare regime, you can always reach out to Aminu’s team of experts.

Prachi Bhandari is the co-founder and head of research, development and training at Aminu Skincare.

Photo: Shutterstock; Aminu