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8 Types Of Loafers That Are Perfect For Women

Looking for a sturdy pair of loafers to add to your shoes collection? Check out these different types of trendy women’s loafers.

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A nice and sturdy pair of loafers should exist in everybody’s shoe closet. It gives your feet the right kind of support if you are going for long walks or if you are sporting a nice outfit. A nice pair of loafers can go with every kind of outfit you wear. It goes with casual or formal dresses and pants, jeans and skirts. If you are looking for the best loafers to invest in, you should know all the different types of loafers, yes there are quite a few. If you are confused about what you should wear with your outfit, just put on those loafers and you are good to go!

We have compiled a list of the best loafers for women for you to check before you buy your pair: 

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If you are looking to buy your first pair of loafers, this is the pair that you should go for. Penny loafers are classic, vintage and go well with every outfit that you wear. These may look like a pair that your dad would wear but trust us and try one on before getting yours and you will not regret this addition to your shoe closet. Celebrities like Emma Chamberlain also can’t get enough of them and sports them often.

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These days tassel loafers are available in various designs that can go with any outfit and are fit for any occasion. If you are looking for trendy women’s loafers, this is a pair that you must have in your shoe collection. These look like normal loafers but have tassels on top. These shoes would look best with jeans or pants that will add an oomph to your outfit.

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If you are looking for loafers that are simple and give a plain look, go for minimal loafers. These loafers add a touch of character to your outfit and are extremely comfortable. They go with all types of formal attire and last-minute casuals as well. This one is for the minimalist in you!

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If you are going for a night out or a fancy brunch party, a pair of these fancy heeled loafers can never go wrong. They will give you the platform that you need and the comfort that you crave to dance through the night. Heeled loafers come in various designs, and we are sure that you won’t be able to choose just one to add to your ever-growing shoe collection. 

If you are looking for a pair of loafers that you can depend on blindly, you must get the driving loafers. If you are a person who drives often and for long hours, this loafer style will serve you well. These are like any other loafers but with a pebbled sole made of rubber that stretches to the back of the heel to give you extra support while driving. Also known as moccasins, these must be an add on to your collection.

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The most casual of all, these loafers are for people who are always in a rush or ones who like keeping things simple. These loafers typically don’t have a back half and can be slipped on and taken out easily from the feet. They are easy to wear and maintain and can be worn with any outfit depending on the type of style of the loafer. If you are looking for trendy women’s loafers, a slip-on loafer in bright colours would be the one to keep.

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These loafers are apt for people who are not comfortable wearing heels but still want a bit of height added to their shoes. The platform in these loafers adds that extra height and can be worn with different outfits. These platform loafers can be worn with jeans or flared pants with blazers or with skirts and dresses to make your outfit look fancier. The platform loafers are one Y2K trend that won’t go out of fashion.

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Lug sole loafers are as trendy as they get. Often seen in a leather bodice and a chunky lug sole, these loafers are sturdy, fashionable and go well with every outfit. It is also a very good alternative to boots, and you can pair it with wide-length pants, midi skirts or jeans. If you are looking for one loafer style to up your fashion game, the lug sole loafers should be your go-to.

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