7 Pixie Haircuts You Can Experiment With In 2024

When you need a new look, there is nothing better than good old pixie haircuts. Low maintenance and flattering, here are a few versions that you can experiment with.

Published On Jan 17, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


If ‘new year, new hair’ is your mantra in 2024, pixie haircuts are the best way to go. Originally considered boring and restrictive, pixie haircuts have come a long way and are routinely now included in some of the most stylish haircuts. Easy to maintain, and fun to style, these haircuts can be as dainty or as rebellious as you’d like. It certainly helps that more and more mainstream actors have in past few months experimented with pixie haircuts, and while some of them might have been temporary styling fixes, they have left us with great pictures as inspiration for pixie haircuts.

Here are some of the best pixie haircuts that you can draw inspiration from

The award-winning actress has been sporting the short chop for a few years now, and her Instagram account has it all. From a carefree long pixie cut to a pixie bob haircut styled for the red carpet to a buzz cut, no matter what type you’re looking for, Florence is hands down the best inspiration for pixie cuts.

Her style is a beautiful mix of edgy and feminine, and perfectly exemplifies the versatility of the pixie haircuts.

Another actress who is regularly seen in some variation of the shorter hairdo, Sayani Gupta is sleek and stuns in this bixie or a pixie bob haircut. Her bangs add an oomph to the look and is perfect for anyone scared to go all the way short but still wants a change. Whether it is with an elegantly draped saree or a killer LBD, the pixie bob haircut is a perfect low-maintenance short hairstyle.

Longer than a regular chop, actress Kirti Kulhari’s pixie haircut packs a punch, and with her styling it easily resembles a mixie or a mullet pixie haircut. Chic and versatile, this is one of those pixie haircuts that can be styled edgy with a pulled-back look, or you could channel the girl next door with side-swept bangs.

Pixie haircuts don’t have to be boring, and Aksharaa Haasan’s asymmetrical chop is a perfect example of that. Whether it is grunge that you want to channel, or a rocker chic look, this type of long pixie cut is all you need. As is visible on the actress’s Instagram, this long pixie cut works just as perfectly with ethnic attire, making you stand out and is sure to fetch some compliments all day long.

While Korean actresses generally go for flowy long hair, some like Lee Joo Young are not afraid to experiment with shorter haircuts. Her Korean pixie cut is feathery and choppy, making it perfect for an androgynous look. The actress first started with a shorter pixie hair cut blonde, and eventually settled for this wispy Korean pixie cut variant. If you have fine hair and are exploring pixie haircuts, go for this one.

Eternally stylish, Charlize Theron is no stranger to experimenting with new looks for different roles. While for her role in Mad Mad, she shaved her head, for The Old Guard, Charlize went with a sleek pixie haircut. Sharp and low maintenance, this look was loved by fans all over. As the actress continues to grow out her hair, we keep getting newer inspiration looks for pixie haircuts, and this suave pixie bob haircut is one of them.

Pop icons going for a shorter chop are often a visual representation of them exploring new territories. Former Disney star, Miley Cyrus opted for a platinum blonde pixie haircut as she was breaking free from the image of a child actor, and the hairstyle proved to be a game changer. If pixie haircuts representing a rebellious streak are what you are looking for, Miley’s platinum blonde pixie is all you need.
While the classic pixie haircuts are easy to style, and low maintenance, variants like pixie bob haircut and long pixie cut need some TLC. Hairstyles for short hair pixie cut include slicked back hair, and classic side parting, and if you have opted for asymmetrical chop, then styled with mousse, your hair is going to to fetch you compliments all day long.

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