5 Essential Oils To Help Reduce Dark Circles Naturally

Suffering from dark circle and puffy eyes? Here are 5 essential oil remedies that will come handy.

Published On Sep 19, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


We live in a world that is driven by stress, poor lifestyle choices, unhealthy eating habits, increased screen time, and inadequate sleep. All of these can be attributed as an underlying cause of dark circles. Sometimes dark circles are also triggered due to a person’s genetic predisposition. If this hyper-pigmented patch of skin under the eyes bothers you, there are plenty of remedies for dark circles that are natural and extremely effective. If you have a big party coming up, here are some tips on How To Get Rid Of Your Dark Circles Before The Wedding Season.

The use of essential oil to reduce dark circles is a grey area in the beauty space. As the market slowly transitions from chemical-based to plant-herb-based products, you too should make the shift to naturally heal your pigmented under-eye area. Not only are these oils skin-friendly, but they are also free of chemicals and restore vitality to the skin without stripping it of moisture.

5 essential oils that bid goodbye to dark circles:


Leaves from the eucalyptus tree have been used to treat skin ailments for centuries now. So it comes as no surprise that eucalyptus essential oil is very beneficial to treat dark circles. Using eucalyptus oil regularly under the eyes prevents patchy skin pigmentation by improving blood circulation in the area. Since the oil is very concentrated, it might cause slight discomfort to the eyes. It is best to use a mild carrier oil when applying the mixture to the sensitive under-eye area.


Lavender is one of the top essential oils that are good for the skin. A commonly used essential oil to treat puffiness and combat dark circles, lavender oil helps tighten, brighten, and nourish the skin. Packed with potent antioxidants, this essential oil has cooling and soothing properties that help drain out excess fluids from under-eye bags. Including lavender oil as a part of your daily night care routine will defend the skin from radical damage and revitalise pigmented spots under the eye. 


Fennel, or saunf as we Indians know it as, is a common pantry staple with age-old health benefits. Fennel seed essential oil dates back to ancient Rome where the potent mix was used as an antiseptic to treat beauty problems. Fennel has a mild aroma that soothes puffiness, reduces wrinkles, and brightens the dark skin around the eyes. A pea-sized drop mixed with a carrier oil like witch hazel can smoothen out saggy under-eye skin and leave you feeling refreshed.


Sandalwood is a top beauty ingredient in Ayurvedic skin care and sandalwood oil is no different. An essential oil that lightens dark circles also hydrates and improves the elasticity of the sensitive skin around the eyes. You can choose to use the oil as is or as a potent mixture with rose to keep the skin hydrated, moisturised, and radiant. Steam your face to open up the pores before applying the essential oil. It will ensure the nutrients from the oil are absorbed better, giving you supple and youthful-looking skin.


A very versatile essential oil for dark circles, chamomile has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that effectively reduce puffy eye bags. Chamomile is a popular stress-relieving oil that enhances the quality of sleep and reduces feelings of depression that cause dark circles. Mix a few drops of chamomile oil with almond oil to calm the skin around the eyes before you head to bed.

Did you know Under-Eye Patches Work Better Than Eye Creams. Here’s Why. If you enjoy having a cup of hot chamomile tea before sleeping, you can cool and use the leftover tea bags as an eye mask to reduce dark circles.

Essential oils are a great way to alleviate under-eye skin pigmentation, fine lines, and puffy bags. But because these oils are very concentrated, it is advisable to dilute them with light carrier oils like coconut, rose, almond, and jojoba. Always do a patch test on your arm before applying them to the sensitive skin under the eye. Along with these essential oils, Bid Goodbye To Dark Circles With These 8 Natural Remedies.

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