3 Ways To Master Coloured Eye Makeup To Amp Up Your Look

Ditch your predictable eye makeup routine for these bold and colourful looks.

Published On Oct 21, 2022 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


After two years of living confined within the four walls of our home, life has been a monochrome palette of black, white and grey. So, it comes as no surprise when the season’s highlight is a rush of vibrant colours. Straight from the runway to the streets, a new season brings fresh trends and this time is about bright eye makeup. It’s not just shiny bling but rather a rush of acidic hues and jewel-tinted tones of citrine, lime and aquamarine swept across the eyelids for a striking look.

Playing with an array of eye shadow shades that create lightning bolt effects with azure and tangerine is a way of breaking free from the shackles of life. Eyes in technicolour are celebrating the resilience that was and hope of optimism for happier days ahead. The idea is to approach life with a world of colours through striking eye makeup. It will act as a medium for appreciating the simple joys of enjoying the freedom to play, experiment and express one’s heart’s desires. 

We were in a space where our faces have been covered by masks for far too long. And colourful eye makeup trends are fueling our endorphins with a hit we’ve been waiting for. The eyes are a means of expressing and communicating our personalities to the world. If you love experimenting with fun colours, free of insecurities, let your creative mind run wild. As you embrace your authentic self with an eyeshadow palette in one hand and mascara in the other, you will dare to find looks that celebrate your individuality. Here are 8 Pride-Inspired Eye Makeup Ideas That You Simply Must Try.

Bright, bold eyes are a reflection of your limitless love for colour. If you’ve found a profound look that you love, be brave and wear it with confidence. Whether it is a shade of popping green or ink blue, life is too short to care about what people think of you. So, try these 3 exotic eye makeup looks that are a huge success this year.

Follow the natural edge of your eyes to create soft dramatic lines along the eyelid for a psychedelic mix of metallic eyeliners. You don’t have to be a pro at drawing winged liners to look your stunning best this season. A good collection of metallic eyeliners will take your laid-back look up a notch.

An emerald blue and green eyelid with black kohl-rimmed eyes will lift and add brilliance to the eyes. Metallic lids are huge this year, especially because they can effortlessly amp up a damp look. Just glide on complementing colours in shades of blue-green, orange-yellow or lilac-white and let it dry.

Luscious lips and glittery eyes — name a better combination, we’ll wait. A sparkling look in sheer tones of rainbow hues should be seamlessly blended from light to dark for a beautiful diffused look. You can play with the rainbow shades by swapping orange to coral and green to amethyst for a sparkling wash of colours. Eyeshadow palettes are getting a makeover this season with colours that will make your eyes look alive and fuss-free.

Don’t have time to do a full-blown eye makeup look? No problem. Take your index finger and gently blend two complementing shades on your lids. Use a dab of red and blend around the cheekbones for a flushed tint and, voila you’re done. Beauty Blogger Debasree Shows How To Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Eye for an effortlessly glamorous look.

Mascara and women go a long way, making them a key eye makeup product to have with you at all times. From classic blacks, mascaras have evolved into brighter, more saturated tones to amplify the lashes. A vibrant jewel-toned purple mascara is perfect to make brown-eyed women gleam in a frame. While warm hues of deep oxblood and berry burgundy make blue eyes pop.

Don’t be afraid to try colours, especially when the market is full of exotic shades like violet, burgundy and blue. While you’re at it, be wary of these 10 Common Makeup Blunders You Did Not Know You Were Making.

This year, eye makeup trends are all about a blast of colours that have dominated the market and returned with a bang. Rainbow colours with hints of metallics, jewel tones and classic soft staples will help you channel your inner glam diva. Pair it with a few stripes of coloured mascara and a well-defined eyeliner to channel euphoric vibes. 

Photo: Instagram/Ashna Shroff; Sonam Kapoor