10 Times Ranveer Singh Won Our Hearts With His Edgy Looks

Love him or hate him but you just can't ignore him. Edgy looks from Ranveer Singh’s fashion journey you can take inspiration from.

Published On Jun 23, 2023 | Updated On Jul 09, 2024


A heartthrob. Impeccable acting skills. Full of infectious energy. Guess who? Ranveer Singh. Have we said enough? We don’t think so.

There are no words to suffice the charm of Ranveer Singh. When it comes to styling, most actors will not dare to experiment with fashion as Ranveer Singh does. From wearing skirts to suits, Ranveer has done it all. Despite being miserably trolled for wearing skirts he never shies away from exploring styles that are not meant for the faint-hearted. Not just in real life, even Ranveer Singh’s movies are full of experimenting with fashion. As the actor blows out his birthday candles on the 6th of July, we put together a guide with hard-to-miss looks that will take you through Ranveer Singh’s style journey.

10 Ranveer Singh looks we love

Stereotyping pink and shades of pink with women and girls is a thing of the past. Let Ranveer Singh teach you ways to wear the brightest pinks and ace the styling game. Pink turtleneck, pink pants, and pink jacket - an experiment that checks all the boxes of what a look should look. It’s a big yes from our side.

Usually, men wear a black tuxedo and accentuate the look with a red bow tie. But Ranveer Singh being Ranveer Singh does the opposite and serves a look with pizazz. At an award ceremony, Ranveer wore a crisp white shirt with a black bow tie and paired it with a red suede tuxedo. His style is truly worthy of the black lady.

Ranveer Singh's movies are a treat to watch - especially the ones in which he experiments with his looks (read all of them). This blazer trouser coord set shows how Ranveer Singh is the undisputed king of slaying the art of over-the-top fashion. Brownie points to him for pairing it with a pink shirt.

If you hear someone say leopard print is not for men or it is a thing of the past, show them these pictures. Ranveer Singh is a living example of the fact that there is nothing called out of fashion. A lesson in wearing print - you can wear the same on the shoes too, men. And team it up with a pink jacket. We are pretty sure that pink is Ranveer’s favourite colour and he believes that more is more!

Breaking stereotypes yet again, we spot the handsome hunk in a vibrant floral zipper. Is there anything that would look bad on this man? We guess not. All it needs is a bit of styling, a headband screaming Gucci to channel Ranveer Singh’s style.

No, prints like this aren't meant for babies or kids or young girls. They are meant for Ranveer Singh’s fashion statements. This uber chic coord set is just what funky men need to beat the heat. With pink sunglasses and pink sneakers, of course. Honestly, the powerful couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone could wear anything and make it work.

If Ranveer Singh’s movies were made in the 50s, he would have been a star fashion icon. Reminding us of the times when cowboy fashion - bootcut trousers and monochromatic looks were in vogue, we love how Ranveer has given a chic twist to this look by wearing studs. Bold, stylish, and effortless.

Apart from the long list of Ranveer Singh’s best movies to watch, the actor often makes waves for his risqué fashion choices. This shirt makes us want to take a break and head to the nearest beach. Ideal for vacations and partying the night away with your friends. Told ya, Ranveer Singh’s style is awesome to take some serious inspiration from. Men don’t need to be stuck with boring clothes.


Ranveer Singh’s fashion took the world by storm with this ensemble. Long hair, a multi-layered necklace, over a jogger set, a monogram trench and a purse for the kill. Gender fluidity fashion moment for the win.

This guy just does not stay away from colours. Ranveer Singh’s movies will convince you of the same as well. Even while wearing formal clothing, Ranveer Singh’s fashion quotient will not fail to impress you. There isn’t much here - just a bit of drama to compliment Ranveer Singh’s style and flamboyant personality with the colourful trench.

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are known to be powerful couple who make bold choices when others would shy away from them. Happy birthday, Ranveer Singh! Stay colourful, stay you!

Photo: Instagram/ranveersingh