Ranveer Singh's Hair Evolution: A Style Icon's Journey

It’s not just his outfits, but Ranveer Singh’s hairstyles set trends too. We show you to style some of his top looks

Published On Nov 29, 2022 | Updated On Jul 10, 2024


From delivering stellar performances in movies, being the most loving husband to posting thirst traps on social media, Ranveer Singh does it all with style. Even though the actor has a big team that makes him look great in front of the camera, he has a certain style and carries himself with panache even off-screen when he is just on a casual day out. 
His personality is lively and that reflects widely in the outfits that he chooses to wear. He is bold, daring and full of spark and gets all the love and attention from his fans. What makes his appearance stand out even more are his hairstyles which he changes often and sports with a full head of gorgeous hair.

Here’s a round-up of all of Ranveer Singh’s hairstyles and how to get them:

If you haven’t had a haircut lately and wish to try out a Ranveer Singh hairstyle, try out the side-parted pompadour. This one is for people who have shorter hair and want a clean-cut look. After you get a hair wash, take a volumizing spray and blow dry it in shape while it is still setting. Give your hair some pomade shape with your hands to hold it for the rest of the day and you are good to go. This Ranveer Singh hairstyle is apt if you want a clean look for a formal day or work occasion.

If your hair has grown out a little bit in the back, it’s the perfect opportunity to try this Ranveer Singh hairstyle. Take a volumizing cream or serum and apply it to your wet hair. You can blow it out and set it in a low ponytail and take the top section of the hair and puff it up to a bouffant. This is one easy and cool hairstyle that you must try. It will go perfectly well for any casual outing.

Curly hair boys, this Ranveer Singh hairstyle is for you! All you have to do is wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that will enhance your curls. Then apply a serum to make your hair shine and set it by blow drying your hair towards the back to give it the windswept look. Take some serum and apply it on the length of your hair and crunch up your curls. Spritz some setting spray to hold your hair together for the rest of the day. This hairstyle is apt for a night out.

For the most casual and breeziest look ever, follow this hairstyle from Ranveer Singh’s collection. This is perfect for people who are too lazy to invest too much time on their hair. All you have to do is take a serum and apply it to your freshly washed hair. Blow dry or air dry your hair and then straighten it out in the front so that it wobbles or flops on your face. This hairstyle is one that is effortless and goes best with casual outfits.

If you don’t want to try any of the hairstyles above, and want to look cool regardless, just sport a knot. Take your hair that has grown out and pull it into a topknot over your head. Use a styling cream or serum that will make your hair look hydrated and make sure there are no bumps or hair strands falling out. You can leave the tail out or twist it up into a bun to make it look even cooler. This is one fuss-free Ranveer Singh hairstyle that works best for everyday looks. It is convenient as it’s not time-consuming and brings your swag on point.

This hairstyle is one for you to experiment with as you wish. Take a hydrating serum or cream and apply it to your freshly washed hair in different directions. You can give it a clean look or a messy one according to your outfit. This also looks effortless and takes very less time to style.

Ranveer Singh is one of Bollywood’s most loved actors and his hairstyles are ones that set fashion goals every time he comes up with a new hair trend. These are a few simple Ranveer Singh hairstyles that you can try out yourself in the comfort of your home.

Photo: Instagram/ranveersingh