10 Men's Footwear Brands In India To Ace That Glamorous Look

Move over sneakers this festive season, here are men's footwear brands offering both classic and inventive options for you to choose from.

Published On Sep 15, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


The internet is crowded with fashion and footwear options for women but very few brands cater to the fashion needs of men. We are here to change that with this piece. Here are some of the finest home-grown Indian brands that make men feel comfortable in their shoes. Needless to say, a good pair of footwear compliments an outfit and renders you the much-needed comfort and confidence to walk around gracefully, running your daily errands. If comfort, style, environment, and cost-effectiveness are some of the things you consider while shopping for footwear, then we have something interesting for you.

10 footwear brands for men you must check out this festive season

Emerging from the Sanskrit word ‘Paaduka’ which means footwear, Paaduks is a brand that works towards creating sustainable, and fashionable footwear. With a wide array of options for men and women alike, this footwear brand has been a people’s favourite since 2013! If you are worried about the environment and make lifestyle choices accordingly, then it would delight you to know that Paaduks upcycles old tyres, belts, rubber mats etc. to make the sole of its footwear. And guess what? They are vegan too! Endorsed by celebrities like Abhay Deol, Karan Kundra, Armaan Malik and Amol Parashar, Paaduks is a brand that takes pride in its unique collection of men’s footwear which includes everything from flip-flops, sandals, flats, and slide-ins to biodegradable sneakers!
Where to buy: Paaduks is currently an online-only brand. You can shop from their website or go to Myntra and shop on the app!
Price range: Rs 1,000 - 2,000

There’s comfort and then there is comfortable fashion in vogue. The Dapper Man is known for the latter and caters exclusively to the footwear needs of men. As the name suggests, The Dapper Man promotes a dapper lifestyle where its chic and latest designs make a well-bred and refined gentleman stand out in a crowd. The brand flexes keeping up with trending fashion and handcrafting unique designs that make the luxurious gait a reality. Their limited-edition collections will instantly melt your heart and assure you that nobody else will be wearing one of the TDM footwear that you own!
Where to buy: Products from this celebrity-preferred brand can be purchased from the official website.
Price range: Rs 3,000 - 9,000

The Royale Peacock is yet another luxury brand redefining the realm of men’s footwear fashion. With just the right sophistication, price range and quality, The Royale Peacock brings a rich collection of leather sneakers, sandals, chappals, boots, loafers and lace-ups for the tasteful man. If you are looking for luxury, and comfort for your feet and wish to create a look that’s a class above the rest, then The Royale Peacock is the brand for you!
Where to buy: You can shop from the official website of The Royale Peacock.
Price range: Rs 6,000-12,000

From the owners of The Shoe Garage (Delhi’s first men’s footwear brand), Artimen is a revamped and modern label of homegrown men’s footwear. Artimen stands out among the many men’s footwear brands out there because of its customisation game. Yes, you heard us right! With Artimen, show customization becomes a reality and their website is a rich display of the uniquely designed collections, each with a distinguished name. Although Artimen products are slightly on the expensive side, they do complete justice to the price charged! The brand has made steady growth over the years with outlets at both a national and international level.
Where to buy: You can shop from their official website or their stores in SSN Marg and Shahpur Jat in Delhi; and The Dubai Mall in Dubai (UAE)
Price range: Rs 10,000 - 26,000

A premium Jutti brand from the heart of skilled artisans to your wardrobe, the Needledust juttis are just what you need to upgrade your desi look! Known for its handcrafted designs, flawless craftsmanship, impeccable quality and look, the Needledust juttis are perfect for all your traditional outfits. Following a rigorous and diligent process of making designs on paper stand out in durable leather footwear, this brand makes luxury footwear for ethnic purposes a sweet reality. Endorsed by renowned celebrities and acclaimed globally, Needledust is a reliable option if you are in search of the perfect pair of juttis!
Where to buy: You can shop online from their official website or their stores in Elanté Mall (Chandigarh), Select Citywalk (Saket, New Delhi) and Jio World Drive (BKC, Mumbai)
Price range: Rs 2,500 - 5,000

With its roots in Philadelphia (USA) and a vision of making premium men’s footwear accessible online, with fewer deadstocks and more happy customers, Escaro Royale began in 2015. In almost a decade, the brand has successfully created a name for itself in the men’s footwear market by consistently offering luxurious and royal products to its refined customers. Escaro Royale offers shoes for all occasions - from formal events, and parties to casual and outdoor events. Boots, lace-ups, suede shoes, or slip-ons, they have it all and that too in different finishes! A luxury brand that makes a man feel good about spending on shoes, Escaro Royale is all about the royal experience.
Where to buy: You can shop online from their official website, Myntra, Ajio, and Amazon, or their outlet - Cafe Royale (Rama Road, New Delhi)
Price range: Rs 6,000 - 15,000

A brand that began with the idea of making uniquely crafted and comfortable shoes available for men, Boots and Buckles has been in the business for almost a decade. With a wide range of bespoke products including boots, derbies, oxfords, loafers, sneakers and monks, Boots and Buckles is creating a difference with its fine materials and reliable techniques of shoemaking. A must-have for the elegant man, Boots and Buckles products are a showstopper!
Where to buy: You can shop online from their official website or visit their outlet in South Delhi - Shop 4, 87-B (Shahpur Jat)
Price range: Rs 9,000 - 14,000

Dapper Shoes Co. emerged with the vision of making shoes that are loved but seldom found. This online brand makes exceptional, premier, customised and elegant leather shoes for men. The luxury shoes from Dapper Shoes Co. are made with the finest raw materials and are engineered to make you feel good about yourself. Celebrate your uniqueness with a pair of customised shoes from Dapper Shoes Co. that are made to match your exclusive taste and vibrant personality!
Where to buy: You can shop online from their official website or on Amazon.
Price range: Rs 6,000 - 13,000

An extension of the revolutionary men’s open footwear brand - WCFC, introduced by Nishant Kanodia; SKO Store specialises in comfortable and latest designs of different categories of footwear. The label name comes from the Danish word for shoes, and it takes a minimalistic approach to shoemaking. With a rich collection of kolhapuris, loafers, sandals, sneakers, mules, shoes, mojris, and peshawaris; this is a much-loved Indian brand of men’s footwear for all occasions! The brand also facilitates design customisation wherein you get a consultation with their shoe stylist. You can get your shoe customised based on your preferred colour, design or material at a customisation charge ranging between Rs 1,000-2,000.
Where to buy: SKO has outlets in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chenna. You can also shop online from their official website or on Amazon and Flipkart.
Price range: Rs 2,500 - 8,000

If your feet groove in a well-designed and expensive pair of leather shoes then Hemmistry might be just what you’re looking for. Known for making premium, bespoke, handcrafted men’s footwear in leather, Hemmistry sells shoes for classy men. They undertake worldwide shipping and can be accessed via Instagram.
Where to buy: You can shop online from their Instagram handle.
Price range: Rs 9000 onwards

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