Complimenting Your Man: The Ultimate Guide To Meaningful Praise

Know how to compliment your man and make him feel loved for a successful relationship.

Published On Nov 28, 2023 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


A compliment, by its very nature of being, is a beautiful thing. It can make your day if someone compliments you, and you can make someone else’s if you do the same. Everyone deserves compliments, whether it is for what they are wearing for the day or something they have dedicated their entire life to achieve, we are all worthy of praise, big or small. However, it often happens that because of social stigma or something else, women tend to be unfairly complimented much more than their male counterparts. So, let’s change that? 

Whether he has dressed up for an event or is back from the gym all sweaty and smelling, let him know that he’s a gorgeous dude. Women often receive a barrage of compliments on how good their dress is, how their skin is glowing, and how beautiful their proportions are, but men rarely do. If your man has put conscious effort into looking good, then he deserves to be praised. Tell him you love the way his shirt complements his shoulders or how impressed you are at his muscle gain, that’s bound to stay with him and motivate him to work harder and look even better!

If he has been there for you through ups and downs and in sickness and health, let him know how much that matters to you. Discuss with him the future you dream of with him by your side, your hands intertwined. Thank him for all the times he has prioritised you over the rest of the world and apologise for when you have been ignorant or insensitive of him. If he is a gift that you are grateful for everyday, let him know it. Let him know how much you love him and exactly why. 

No matter how serious they may be in their daily lives, most men have a goofy side that they show only to their near and dear ones. They love to make laugh everyone they care about. What a prized quality, right? But apart from the occasional laugh, they probably don’t get complimented on their charming sense of humour. Your man has probably used his wit numerous times to turn your bad day into a good one, a sad mood into a cheery one. Tell him how much you love the way he makes you laugh, effortlessly and dedicatedly. 

It is common knowledge by now that everyone struggles, with one thing or the other. We all have a past that somewhat haunts us, a present that is a little inconvenient, and a future that we aspire for. Let your special guy know that you see him, you see his problems, whether he is grappling with his past or vying for an ambitious future. Tell him you see him and believe in him, believe that he will triumph over his issues and get to where he is going, achieve everything that he is dreaming of. Make sure he knows you are there for him, no matter what, and from where you are standing, he’s doing great. 

Just like women, men love validation. Especially silent approval by those around him, those he respects and trusts. Whether it's praising his achievements at a social gathering or acknowledging his strengths during a family dinner, public praise can make him feel proud and loved in a very special way. When you appreciate your man publicly, you not only boost his self-esteem but also show the world how much he means to you.

Savouring your time together is a profound form of praise. Let him know how much you value his companionship and how enjoyable it is to be around him. Express your contentment in his presence, whether you're engaged in a deep conversation, watching a movie, or simply sitting together in silence. Recognising the joy he brings into your life is a heartfelt compliment that goes beyond words.

Like we have affirmed before, compliments are beautiful; however, they can turn into something ugly if they are insincere. Ensure that the compliments you are conferring to your man are sentiments you feel truly and doubtlessly. If they are not, if you feel like he’s not putting in the work to look presentable or not there for you when you need him most, he is in dire need of constructive feedback not compliment. Be mindful of your compliments and heartfelt when you give them. Remember, men don’t receive compliments very often, so when they do, make ‘em count!

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