13 Important Elements Of A Strong And Happy Relationship

Qualities of a good relationship that could lead to a happily ever after.

Published On May 03, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


A strong and happy relationship is more important for several reasons than the ‘gram. First and foremost, a good relationship provides emotional stability and support for both partners. What makes a good relationship great is having someone to turn to for comfort and encouragement during difficult times. This can help you deal with stress and anxiety positively, and help you maintain a more positive outlook on life, love makes things beautiful and problems seem small.

In addition to emotional support, what makes a relationship great is financial and practical support. Sharing resources, responsibilities, and goals can help both partners achieve more together than they would be able to on their own. This can lead to increased financial stability and a more satisfying and fulfilling life. The qualities of a good relationship are beyond what meets the eye, beyond what one can state as the obvious. Qualities of a good partner include prioritising their better half, before their own self on most days. As hard as it sounds, it's a rewarding foundation for a happily ever after.

Promoting personal growth and development are some of the qualities of a good life partner. When you're with someone who supports and encourages you, you're more likely to take risks and pursue your dreams. You can also learn new things from your partner and gain new perspectives on life. This can lead to a more well-rounded and fulfilling life.

Finally, a strong and happy relationship can provide a sense of purpose and meaning. When you're in a committed relationship, you're working towards building a life together. This can give you a sense of direction and focus that can be hard to find on your own. Overall, a strong and happy relationship can bring a sense of joy, contentment, and fulfilment to your life.

Now that we've established the importance of a strong and happy relationship and understood what is a good relationship, let's discuss some of the key aspects that make a relationship strong and the many qualities of a good life partner that make happiness happen.

Ways to do right by your relationship

What is a good relationship? One where both partners believe in effective communication is the key to a strong and happy relationship. Being able to express your thoughts, feelings, and needs to your partner in a respectful and non-judgmental way is crucial. What makes a relationship great is being a good listener and giving your partner the space to express themselves.

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Without trust, it’s hard to build intimacy and connect on a deeper level. Trust is earned through consistency, honesty, and reliability. If you break your partner's trust, it can take a long time to rebuild.


Respect is another essential ingredient in a strong and happy relationship. It means treating your partner as an equal, valuing their opinions and ideas, and not belittling or dismissing them. It’s important to communicate and respectfully resolve conflicts.

Having shared values are important in a relationship. It means that you and your partner are aligned in your goals and beliefs. This doesn't mean you have to agree on everything, but it does mean that you should be able to discuss and work through your differences.


Physical touch and affection are important in any relationship. It can be something as simple as holding hands or giving a hug. Regular physical touch can help strengthen the emotional bond between you and your partner.

No one is perfect, and you or your partner will inevitably make mistakes. Being able to forgive and move forward is key to maintaining a happy relationship. Holding on to grudges or resentment will only breed negativity and damage your connection.

Sharing responsibility and working as a team is important in any relationship. This includes household chores, financial responsibilities, and decision-making. It’s important to have open and honest conversations about each partner's expectations and work towards finding a balance.


Spending quality time together is essential for building intimacy and maintaining a strong relationship. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate or expensive, just simple moments spent doing something you both enjoy.

Providing emotional support to your partner is crucial in maintaining a strong and healthy relationship. This means being there for them during difficult times, listening to their concerns, and providing encouragement when needed.

Being flexible and adaptable is important in any relationship. Life is unpredictable, and being able to adjust and adapt to changes is essential. This includes being open to new experiences and being willing to compromise when needed.

Laughter is important in any relationship. It helps to reduce stress, improve mood, and foster a deeper connection. Being able to laugh and have fun together can help strengthen your emotional bond and build memories together.

Maintaining independence and having separate hobbies and interests is important in a relationship. It allows each partner to have their own space and time to pursue their passions. This can help strengthen the relationship as it allows each partner to bring new experiences and ideas back to the relationship.


Finally, growth is important in any relationship. It means being willing to learn from each other, adapt, and grow together. It’s important to have goals and aspirations as a couple and work together towards achieving them.

A good relationship requires effort, patience, and commitment. Instead of focusing on celebrities and their love lives, focus on your relationship. You can do that by prioritising communication, trust, respect, shared values, quality time, affection, forgiveness, shared responsibility, emotional support, flexibility, humour, independence, and growth, you can build a deep and meaningful connection to last a lifetime. What makes a good relationship is the 100s of small thoughtful gestures as opposed to gigantic ones. Explore some fun activities to do with your partner and thank us later. You should also know how to deal with an emotionally unavailable partner.

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