Witness Grandeur At Its Best At Vijay Mallya's Bangalore Penthouse In Kingfisher Tower

The Prestige Kingfisher Towers Bangalore is one of the most spectacular buildings in the city and making it unique is Vijay Mallya’s exclusive penthouse. Read all about it here.

Published On Apr 10, 2024 | Updated On Apr 11, 2024


The Vijay Mallya penthouse on Kingfisher Tower is perhaps the most unique mansion in the country emanating the feeling of being situated in a serene and lush ground, but standing on top of a skyscraper, 400 ft. above ground level in reality. A replica of the US White House, Vijay Mallya’s two-storeyed house stands tall at the top of the 34-storeyed Prestige Kingfisher Towers Bangalore.

Former businessman and politician, Vijay Mallya, better known as the founder of the now dysfunctional Kingfisher Airlines, owns a spectacular luxury apartment in central Bangalore that stands out because of its stunning architecture and unique location. Not only is the Kingfisher Tower in Ashok Nagar Bangalore a luxurious, sophisticated and expensive residential building but it is also known for supporting a two-storeyed penthouse that’s different in design from the rest of the tower. Upon close look, this penthouse looks like one in the countryside, with ample greens around, but eventually one sees that the luxurious Vijay Mallya mansion indeed stands on a 400-feet tall skyscraper in a bustling and posh locality of Bangalore. Here are the lesser-known details about the Vijay Mallya Kingfisher Tower.


Prestige Group has been giving sturdy, beautiful and flawless buildings to cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad for a long time now. Prestige towers are almost always breathtaking in their architecture. The Kingfisher Tower in Bangalore is no different. A grand structure of 34 floors, this building houses the famous Vijay Mallya penthouse. Built by the Prestige Group, the Kingfisher Tower consists of high-end homes for the Bangalore elite and is truly a gem in the city’s luxury real estate landscape. With modern designs and classic themes, the Prestige Kingfisher Towers Bangalore epitomises tasteful and luxurious living!

The Kingfisher Towers Bangalore is located in a prime location of Ashok Nagar, Bangalore. Because of its central location, Ashok Nagar to well-connected to all other parts of the city and is near malls, restaurants, grocery stores and recreational hubs. The neighbourhood is safe and convenient for everyday commute, business and prolonged living. Public transport too is easily accessible in the area.

The Kingfisher Towers Bangalore is a luxurious residential area built on 4.5 acres of land. There are three towers with 81 units of spacious and elite homes here, making it the ideal real estate investment in Bangalore city.

The Kingfisher Tower is a gated society with multiple modern-day amenities that make life simpler and more convenient for residents. From an in-house pool to a well-equipped fitness centre and spa, the building has everything that defines luxury living. The Vijay Mallya penthouse is on the top of one of the towers at the building.

The Vijay Mallya mansion is located at the intersection of Kasturba Road and Vittal Mallya Road. Mallya had a 100-space parking lot on the property to display his vintage and new cars collection. He also had two private elevators in the building, so that the inconvenience of sharing it with other residents is dealt with. The Kingfisher Towers was built as an extension of UB City, which was a joint venture of United Breweries Holdings Ltd. (Mallya’s company) and Prestige Estates Projects Ltd.

When Vijay Mallya fled the country in 2016 owing to his inability to pay back the huge amounts of money he had borrowed from Indian banks (making it a debt of over Rs 7500 crore), this penthouse was still under construction. The court eventually declared Mallya to be a fugitive owing to his refusal to appear before the Enforcement Directorate. Today, he lives in the UK, while the gorgeous Vijay Mallya penthouse continues to amuse viewers with its spectacular and larger-than-life architecture every day!

Located on top of a luxury retail and office space in the central Banglore area, near UB City, the Vijay Mallya mansion is estimated to be valued at Rs 166 crore. With state-of-the-art amenities, the Vijay Mallya Kingfisher Tower is built on 4.5 acres of land. This penthouse of the fugitive Indian entrepreneur Vijay Mallya has everything from an indoor heated pool to a wine cellar and a rooftop helipad, thus making it a priced possession.

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