Lesser Known Details About The Gorgeous Ratan Tata House In Mumbai

Here’s everything you need to know about the magnificent Ratan Tata home in Mumbai.

Published On Apr 10, 2024 | Updated On Apr 10, 2024


Mumbai is home to some of the wealthiest and well-renowned public figures in our country. Celebrities, star sportspersons, politicians, and industrialists, all live in grand homes in the lavish localities of Mumbai. To even look at the pictures of their magnificent homes is a satisfying experience. While there are plenty of famous people whose larger-than-life residences inspire awe among beholders, let’s look at the home of an influential person today who is not only known for successfully running a business empire but also celebrated for his large heart and service to humanity.

Perhaps there is no Indian who isn’t aware of Ratan Tata and his achievements. An excellent industrialist who has brought unimaginable heights of success to the Tata group, Ratan Tata is revered for his exceptional business acumen and humble take on life. With a humble beginning of working in a blast furnace and shovelling limestone in Tata Steel, to becoming the first Indian to fly an F-16 Falcon, Rata Tata has extraordinary achievements to his name. His glorious retirement home in Colaba is yet another of his remarkable assets. Let us look into the Ratan Tata house in Mumbai to see where and how the business tycoon lives.

The Ratan Tata house is a magnificent three-storeyed building with seven levels. This luxury home was built for Rata Tata after he stepped down as the Tata Group’s chairman in December 2012. Sprawling over an expansive area of 13,350, sq ft, the address of the Ratan Tata home is 'Bakhtawar', Colaba, Mumbai. This house lies exactly opposite the Colaba Post Office and is believed to offer one of the most spectacular views of the Arabian Sea in all of Mumbai. The Ratan Tata house is just 20 minutes away from the headquarters of Tata Sons, Bombay House, and has turned out to be the ideal retirement home for the legend.

The Ratan Tata house is located in one of the priciest localities in Colaba and stands out because of its royal yet simple design that peaks in the colour white. A piece of contemporary architectural marvel, the Ratan Tata home is all about big window panes and lush green, open lawns. Step into the Ratan Tata house and be greeted by a majestic stairway that exhibits the perfect symmetry of space and intricate designs.

The living room space depicts Ratan Tata’s love for simple and minimal designs with a welcoming and comfy three-seater sofa and a glass centre table. The space is rendered homely with beautiful additions like plants, plush carpets and frames on the wall. Experience grandeur and serenity at Ratan Tata’s beautiful retirement home with its cosy features including shiny floors, white French doors, and big indoor plants. The entire first floor of the Ratan Tata house has a sun deck, along with other spaces like the living space, a study and two bedrooms. The house also has a pooja room that brings in a calming effect.

Some of the other interesting features of the Ratan Tata residence include the fine living room, library space and three bedrooms on the second floor of the house. Ratan Tata is a tasteful and avid reader and his home library is the dream library for many bibliophiles. The white walls and ceilings make the bedrooms on this floor exquisite. The addition of floor-to-ceiling glass windows not only offers a breathtaking view but also brings in ample natural light.

You’ll be amazed to know that the Ratan Tata home in Mumbai also has a tech-savvy media room and a state-of-the-art home gymnasium on the third floor. The other luxury features of the Ratan Tata residence include a barbecue zone on the deck and an infinity pool. The third floor also has an open-to-the-sky deck. The house basement serves as servant quarters and also has an expansive space where around 10-12 cars can be parked easily.

With all its elaborate features and luxury additions, the Ratan Tata home in Mumbai exemplifies contemporary architecture at its best. From its central and elite location to the tasteful yet minimal interior decor, the Ratan Tata house price may be a little extravagant but it's a delightful abode. Reports indicate that the estimated value of the Ratan Tata house was around Rs. 150 crore when it was constructed in 2012. A decade later, one can speculate the Ratan Tata house price!

Photo: Instagram/ratantata