A Glimpse Into Shah Rukh Khan’s Lush Estates In India And Abroad

Mannat, Jannat, and other lavish homes of Bollywood's King Khan.

Published On Feb 14, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


With a name so big and a reputation that precedes itself, Shah Rukh Khan has come a long way from striving to getting a big break to becoming one of Bollywood's most successful performers. If you're a Bollywood fanatic, we are sure you couldn't have resisted spending at least some of your quarantine time re-watching his classic films—then be it drooling over Shah Rukh Khan in Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham or longing for Raj from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. The pandemic has made it necessary for us to give an ode to the Badshah of Bollywood, whose timeless classic movies made the dreadful lockdown more bearable. Who would have thought that an ordinary guy from Delhi with nothing but a burning passion would one day become a multimillionaire with multiple houses?

SRK’s properties have always been a source of fascination for his fans. People want to know more about his dream residence Mannat in Mumbai, his former Delhi home which turned into an Airbnb offering extravagant stays, and even Shah Rukh Khan’s mansion in Dubai. If you’re tired of watching his luxury from the sidelines, then fret not because we are bringing you sneak-peeks inside Shah Rukh Khan’s properties:

SRK’s house in Mumbai, Mannat, is a sea-facing six-story bungalow featuring various bedrooms and living areas, a gym, a library, and a personal amphitheatre. One of Mumbai's most extravagant mansions, it has been designed and renovated by Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh’s home is estimated to be worth Rs 200 crore. The residence was built over the course of a decade and features a mix of classic and modern aesthetics. On any given day, throngs of Khan's admirers line up in front of the sparkling gates of Shah Rukh Khan’s house, hoping to capture the perfect photo or get a sight of the Bollywood actor, who frequently visits his terrace to welcome well-wishers.

Shah Rukh Khan's Dubai house, Jannat, is a heavenly sanctuary on the city's sandy beaches, with every amenity and luxury imaginable. Known as his second home, SRK’s Palm Jumeirah Beach residency in Dubai is situated in the world's largest man-made sand beach. He spends valuable time with his family in this magnificently beautiful home worth Rs 100 crore, away from the city's bustle. Despite his hectic schedule, SRK enjoys spending time here whenever he can. Palm Jumeirah is the ultimate retreat for the celebrity when he wants to get away from the spotlight. 

The property is 8,500 square feet in size, with private pools and beaches all around, as well as a beach house where he spends his vacation away from the crowd. SRK’s villa in Dubai is equipped with cutting-edge features and world-class infrastructure, ranging from high furnishings and artwork to masterpieces on walls, elevators, security systems, offices, and so on. Guests or tourists are welcome to see the unit known as "Signature Villa" from the outside but inside visits are restricted. The credit for the lavish structure and interior of Shah Rukh Khan’s house in Dubai once again goes to his wife Gauri.

Shah Rukh Khan's holiday house, which extends over 20,000 square meters, is the ideal location for a quiet weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai's streets. With its mosaic-tiled flooring, living areas that open out to verdant surroundings, and white furnishings—his Alibaug farmhouse has major seaside vibes. Valued for about Rs 15 crores, it has a pool and a private helipad. The large living area, which is a favourite site for star-studded celebrations and casual catch-up sessions during weekend trips, has to be one of the most remarkable portions of the property. 
The rooms are enhanced with eccentric pendant lights suspended from white pipes, which act as a divider between the living room and the adjacent dining area while also providing a photo-worthy backdrop. The dining space of the Alibaug residence maintains the pristine white aesthetic of the living room, with carved baroque-style white chairs and what appears to be a wooden dining table. Aryan and Suhana Khan, the couple's oldest children, frequent this location with friends. 

The Delhi residence of Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan holds a distinct place in their hearts as they both grew up in the capital city and fell in love there. Designed by Gauri Khan, this Delhi property has a modern design that effortlessly combines mementos like pictures, the kids' paintings, and more. Suhana's first beauty kit, Aryan's badminton racquet, and other family heirlooms are displayed here. The home is currently open for guests to stay after being converted into a B&B last year. The luxurious residence has two floors and numerous balconies with views of the streets outside, making it a peaceful haven for the family.

Shah Rukh Khan's London house is another vacation abode. This residence is in the Park Lane area of Central London, a desirable real estate region. Despite the fact that the family hasn't shared any photos of SRK’s house in London with the public, it's reasonable to assume that its interiors are just as unique as the rest of their residences. Given that both Suhana and Aaryan studied in the United Kingdom and the rainy city appears to hold a particular place in the family's heart, Shah Rukh Khan’s house in London seems to be as special as the rest of his properties. 

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