Exploring The Magnificent World Of Interior Décor By Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan, the wife of Shah Rukh Khan, has made an honourable name for herself in the world of interior décor. Today, she is recognized as one of the top names in the industry. Join us as we explore the brand of interior décor Gauri Khan.

Published On Nov 27, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Gauri Khan, known as the better half of Bollywood's Shah Rukh Khan, has established herself as a prominent interior décor expert. The interior décor by Gauri Khan has become synonymous with luxury and sophistication, coveted by top celebrities in India. Gauri Khan's house interior designs reflect her personal elegance and refinement. Each curated look, whether for a residential or commercial space, showcases a thoughtful blend of elements, avoiding any sense of clutter or ostentation. Gauri Khan's dedication to her craft, rather than relying solely on her famous name, has elevated her interior décor brand into a sought-after luxury service, especially within Bollywood circles. Notable figures like Karan Johar and Manish Malhotra are among Gauri Khan's clientele, attesting to the success and appeal of her interior designs.

Some of the most incredible interior décor by Gauri Khan

In one of her recent designs, Gauri Khan presents a spacious living room that beautifully balances light and dark tones. The contrasting elements create a captivating aesthetic, striking the perfect balance between cosiness and openness. Bright furniture set against dark ceilings and walls adds warmth to the room without compromising its sense of airiness.

In this office space designed by Gauri Khan, the standout feature is the striking dark green main wall, artfully complemented by a dazzling chandelier. The pairing is noteworthy for its two-way synergy. The deep green hue adds a rich and warm tone to the glamorous chandelier, while the chandelier, with its lights and crystals, introduces an opulent touch to the room. The velvet-based chairs contribute to the overall luxurious ambience.

This design represents one of the distinctive décor by Gauri Khan in the interior space. It plays with the interplay of warm and cool tones, enhanced by abundant lighting to create a bright and inviting atmosphere. The addition of a captivating wall, featuring a striking marble pattern in this instance, adds a touch of luxury to the room.

This living room design strikes a flawless balance between classic sophistication and modern playfulness. The combination of timeless wood panelling with bold, modern art exemplifies Gauri Khan's creative prowess in the realm of interior design. Incorporating classic elements such as neutral-toned furniture, wooden tables for a warm touch, and abundant natural light, the design ensures that the modern wall art stands out as a captivating centrepiece.

Transitioning from residential to commercial spaces, Gauri Khan's expertise continues to shine. In this café design, she infuses the space with a bright and vibrant atmosphere, evoking a nostalgic, old-school vibe. The harmonious combination of green and pink furniture is enhanced by a well-lit bar wall, while a subtle touch of natural elements adds freshness to the overall design. Gauri Khan's ability to create unique and appealing aesthetics extends seamlessly to diverse spaces, showcasing her versatility in interior design.

Designed for a prominent personality, this living room serves as a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts. Abundant warm lighting and strategically placed plants create a natural and cosy aesthetic. The incorporation of plants not only enhances the room's ambience with the interplay of natural and indoor lighting but also introduces a striking contrast to the neutral tones with their vibrant green leaves. Gauri Khan showcases her expertise by maintaining a breezy and uncluttered feel, even with the presence of large plants by the glass panels and a minimal money plant on the centre table.

Gauri Khan showcases her playful side in this interior design, harmonising a dark-coloured couch, a captivating statement wall, and other equally eye-catching elements. The deliberate appearance of lived-in wallpaper and matching wall art on the feature wall imparts a charmingly vintage aesthetic to the room. Opting for a grey couch, a departure from the more neutral furniture choices, adds an extra layer of eccentricity. Details like the feathery cushion and a coordinating shelf contribute the perfect finishing touches to this whimsically quirky look.

Photo: Instagram/gaurikhan