How To Give Your Home A Makeover With Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors no longer serve just a functional purpose in the home as they are increasingly becoming a popular decor choice.

Published On Feb 15, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


There is no denying that mirrors have emerged as an extremely versatile element of home décor in recent times. Gone are the days when mirror placement was limited to conventional spaces like the dressing area and in washrooms where the utility factor is paramount. “Mirrors today play a crucial role in elevating the aesthetics in almost all spaces of the house. Amplifying natural light by strategically placing mirrors in areas where there is minimal presence of natural light or making a space look larger are just some of the great ways to use mirrors in home interiors,” says Reshma Chhabria, Founder and Creative Head, HIIH. They are now a key decorative element and can be judiciously used to create shape, pattern, depth, and visual interest.  Mirrors also have the innate potential to become a conversation starter or a striking focal point of the room.


From placing mirrors over the console table to creating a gallery wall with mirrors of various sizes and shapes, decorating with mirrors can be quite exciting. “While placing mirrors where the light naturally falls is one of the oldest but best tricks in the book, placing a mirror that is opposite a window echoes the natural light and greenery and helps bring the outdoors in,” adds Chhabria.    

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Right from the foyer to your bedroom, mirrors go a long way in adding character and a unique dimension to the space. Place asymmetrical mirrors in transitional spaces to capture the reflection of a good view. Mirrors here are great as they provide a spot to look at yourself before heading out,” says Chirag Vohra, Founder of Mason Home. Pair it with fresh flowers, plants and a basket of keys and essentials and you have a winner!

“Besides their obvious need as a functional element, the use of mirrors in an intriguing way could transform the look of entryways. For instance, a series of mirrors juxtaposed with wall panelling along the length of the entryway creates an inviting foyer,” says Hardesh Chawla, Principal at Essentia Environments.  

Mirrors play a vital role in large spaces such as living rooms, especially in enhancing the lighting of the space. A horizontal mirror along the length of the sofa or a gallery of mirrors decked up on the walls can amp up the aesthetic quotient of the room. Embellishing a mirror with trailing vines or air plants and surrounding it with planters is a good tip. Mirrors can also be used as art pieces by placing multiple smaller decor items in front of it.

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“Mirrors with decorative frames are often preferred for dressing tables of bedrooms.  Floor-to-ceiling mirror panelling beside the headboard adds an ornamental flair to the space. Further, vintage-style mirrors, eye-catching framed mirrors, or mirrors layering over a bold wallpaper adds an element of sophistication to any bedroom,” adds Chawla.  

Did you know that you could elevate the glam quotient of your kitchen by using mirrors too? Well, it is sure a great idea. “From kitchen cabinets to backsplashes, mirrors can give your kitchen a charismatic makeover. Mirrored tiles are a good way to lend a spectacular vibe to your kitchen interiors. Mirror-accent cabinet shutters overlaid with laser-cut patterns, colours, and textures are also a popular idea,” says Abhigyan Neogi, Principal Architect & Founder, Chromed Design Studio.  Whatever your décor style, make sure you play around with different types, shapes, and styles of mirrors to elevate the oomph factor of the room.  

Organic and differently-shaped mirrors are taking over the market these days, allowing for a side of experimentation that comes with interior design. If minimalism is your thing, opting for a bevelled or large round unframed mirror could be a good choice. On the other hand, if you are feeling adventurous with your decor, then go wild with luxurious mirrors in unconventional shapes.  

Pairing mirrors with eclectic frames along with artwork and creating a gallery wall is a popular trend. “Using mirrors in tables and trays is a prevalent trend to lend a glam effect to your space. Gold-rimmed, vintage, metallic and antique frames add an element of allure to the ambience,” adds Vohra. Mirror tiles or frosted panels, especially in kitchens, mirrored accent furniture like consoles, side tables and beds are some of the trends in vogue today as are LED backlit mirrors in the bathroom. Coloured mirrors as well as the ones with asymmetrical and curvilinear forms are chic and classy.  

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Always remember to pick mirrors as per your room’s overall décor aesthetic and style. Ensure that it harmoniously fits in the rooms and compliments the space holistically. Always check its positioning with respect to what will be reflected in it and at which angle the light interacts with it. “Proper placement according to the specific direction of various objects has its significance in the field of Vaastu Shastra and the same is applicable for mirrors as well. Try to position the mirror in such a way that it does not cast a reflection on the bed. If it does, it is advisable to use a curtain or veil to cover it, when not in use. Also, ensure that the mirror is not placed in such a place in the bathroom that it reflects the toilet seat,” says Misbah Kapadia, Interior Designer, founder and curator, Design Konstruct.

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