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9 Glass Bottle Decoration Ideas For Your Next DIY Project

Turn used glass bottles into something useful or decorative instead of throwing them away.

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Glass bottles are everywhere! No matter what your favourite spirit — whisky, rum, beer or wine — you're bound to have a few extra glass bottles on hand. Even empty jam jars count! Rather than throwing them away, you can upcycle or repurpose used glass bottles and turn them into something useful or decorative. Glass bottle craft is a lovely DIY project to earmark for the weekend or the next time you have some free time. So, here are some creative things to do with glass bottles. 

1. Use them as planters or vases

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Planters made out of repurposed glass jars and bottles of all sizes and shapes are incredibly cute and the most popular glass bottle DIY. For a simple rustic look, use dried bouquet fillers; for a more uplifting appeal, use fresh flowers. These glass pots could also be used to hold plants. Simply make sure they have adequate ventilation and nourishment by fertilising them regularly. Plants like common ivy, spider plant, purple heart, coleus and sweet potato vine can be grown in glass jars or bottles. You can use ropes, vines and paint to decorate the bottles.

2. Turn them into chic decor pieces

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All you have to do is visit your local craft store and pick out the supplies that inspire your creativity. For example, you can use spray paints to coat the empty glass bottles in a metallic colour. You can also use cut-outs or stencils to make designs and patterns on the bottles. To avoid staining mishaps, wear gloves and use old newspapers while painting the bottle in an open location.


3. Use it to store grains

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Instead of plastic boxes and containers, you can use empty glass bottles and jars to store grains, lentils and other food items. If you like things to have a quirky edge, the jars don't have to be the same size or shape; in fact, you can use any glass jar or bottle after properly washing and drying it.

4. Glass spray bottle

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Empty glass bottles are an excellent choice for storing cleaning supplies. Simply switch the spray nozzle from an old plastic bottle to a glass bottle. Most glass bottles of vinegar, juice, soda and other beverages with twist-off lids will fit a standard spray nozzle. Spray bottles are useful for a variety of household tasks.


5. Candy jar

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Instead of a candy bowl on your desk, you can fill a clean and dry bottle with candy and mints — or use small bottles for candy-filled party favours. Make it fun by adding a stripe of blackboard paint on the surface. You can then write the name of your party guests or the sort of candy the jar contains to dress it up.


6. Fill the bottles with fairy lights

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Filling or wrapping old wine or glass bottles with LED string lights is a quirky way to reuse them and a favourite glass bottle DIY with many. It is also a terrific holiday or party decoration idea. Take it a step further and hang a slew of them throughout your home to give your space a warm and crafty vibe.

7. Make them your vanity organisers

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Old mason jars make for the most adorable and fashionable storage containers. They're particularly useful for keeping makeup brushes, cotton swabs and earbuds organised. You can either use them as it is or decorate them to reflect your personality. Decorating a mason jar by painting it and then wiping sandpaper over it is a great technique for DIY small glass bottle crafts. You can also leave the jars as-is on the outside and fill them with attractive craft accessories such as glitter or potpourri.

8. Store fruit-infused water

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Using old glass bottles to make fruit or herb-infused water is a terrific party hack. Simply cut some lemons into slices and place a few pieces in a bottle of water. Mint leaves, delicious lime slices, oranges or berries are other good options. Water with fruit or herbs in it is best served chilled. Infused water is a refreshing drink, and of course, the extra benefit is that these bottles will look great on your dining table.

9. Bottle chandelier

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You will find a plethora of glass bottle chandelier ideas on the internet. Most of these designs involve cutting the bottle open, stringing a light inside and suspending it from the ceiling using a wood or metal holder. It's a bit of a project, what with the glass cutting, wood or metalworking, and little electrical labour. However, the end product can be magnificent, making it ideal for low lighting in a cosy nook of your home.

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