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Don’t Let Your Kitchen Be Boring, Throw In Some Colour

Kitchens today are much more than just functional spaces and are perfect to experiment with colours giving them a welcome makeover.

Rashmi Gopal Rao

It is often said that good food and a warm kitchen are what makes a house a home. Also called the heart of a home, kitchens are where families and friends come together and bond over food, conversations, parties and more.  “Indians enjoy eating homemade food, so a lot of time is spent in the kitchen. Considering that, it is important for this space to be happy and inviting and a place that does not make cooking feel like a chore.  Kitchens have been ignored in terms of aesthetics in India till quite recently as they were considered as purely functional spaces. But that is changing now, and kitchens are getting a welcome makeover with people also including a family sitting area in their kitchen for shorter mealtimes” says Eshita Marwah, interior designer, founder /e.  

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There is little doubt that colour is one of the most important aspects in the design and décor of any space. Colours have the power to uplift your mood and spirits and brighten up your day.  And given that the kitchen is one of the most significant spaces in a home, the use of colours plays a key role in making your kitchen unique and personal. 

“Every kitchen is personalised to the unique palette of the owner and colours unify the entire aesthetics as well as the functionality of design while adding vibrance to the entire space” says Giulia Baima Bollone, business head – Embassy Interiors. Also, when it comes to colour, there is plenty of scope to introduce them to your kitchen apart from just the walls and this includes the flooring, cabinets, countertops and even fittings like taps and sinks. 

“Use colours judiciously in your kitchen.  If the main cooking area is heavily used and the stove top region is used frequently for deep frying, avoid too many colours there. Instead, add colour around the pantry unit or even the breakfast nook. Today laminates come in a plethora of colours and finishes ranging from glossy to matte and simple to distressed. Even if you prefer solid wood cabinets, there is a large range of paint finishes to give the space a bright finish. Countertops offer exciting colours too like natural hues of marble, granite quartz and onyx to engineered stone that come in contemporary shades of blue, grey, green and even gold” says Aprajita Bhargava Bhasin, COO and interior consultant - East Lifestyle, CEO - The Stage Prop.  

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A muted palette such as beige and white will evince a bright and inviting modular kitchen. A mix of white walls and wooden cabinets (in light walnut or oak shades) or that of light tone walls with shades of either navy blue or grey in cabinets is always a classic combination with the countertops usually being either black or white.  “A combination of whites with blush and plum tones, dark blue with light grey, and even sage with an oak finish are some schemes that are in vogue. These tones add an element of character and make the kitchen stand out even when playing it safe,” adds Bhasin. She further adds that light or dusty pink with tones of orange is another combination that exudes fresh and lively vibes. Sky blue walls with marigold yellow tiles as a backsplash of the kitchen countertop is a scheme that gives your kitchen distinct Caribbean feels and is rich, welcoming, and warm.

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In the case of a well-lit and ventilated kitchen spread around ample ground, dark interiors like crimson red and cobalt blue are good choices. “The choice of red in the kitchen is a powerful move as it brings zest and excitement into the space adding a powerful contrast to almost any colour in the palette.  Use this shade in a lacquer glass island or even in the flooring and it makes the perfect style statement in a contemporary set up,” suggests Bollone. She further adds that earthy tones and the warmth of wood and stone, along with the rich patina of various metals always combine to set a harmonious mood. While monochromatic (black, white and grey)kitchens and metallic hues are a trend, olive green hues amalgamated with textured walnut wood and even milky latte or spiced vanilla shades emanate refreshing feels. 

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Blog Detail Images

As always, be cautious of mixing too many colours and textures. Table linen, art and accessories are also a good idea to add a pop of colour. Lighting is crucial factor that helps accentuate the overall look of your kitchen with brushed gold, bronze, and black being some of the trendy hues. 

“While graphic marble backsplashes, glazed, vibrant tiles and printed floors are some of the trends that are expected to dominate next year, it is always important to keep things functional. The kitchen colours can be an extension of the colour theme of the rest of the home, or a contrasting, more colourful combination with just one colour picked from the theme of the house," says Marwah.  

Getting ergonomics right is of utmost importance which means sharp edges, handles and knobs are a big no. “Cabinetry in hues of burgundy and Bordeaux with a wooden countertop with black and white flooring, an all-black kitchen with a white countertop with grey veining and white marble flooring and brown and white chequered flooring with off white cabinetry and brick wall cladding are some of the few palettes we look forward to exploring in the next year,” say Iesha Parekh Shellugar and Sneha Talati, co-founders and principal partners, Tap Design Inc.

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