Defeating Monsoon's Challenges: 7 Techniques For Maintaining Fresh And Dry Clothes

From our skin and hair to our homes and clothes, everything seems to fall victim to these rainy season side effects. Here are 7 ingenious strategies to preserve your clothes in monsoon.

Published On Aug 31, 2023 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


While it's universally acknowledged that the onset of the monsoon season offers a welcome relief from the scorching heat of summer, it's equally undeniable that this season brings along several unwelcome companions. Amid the refreshing rain showers that invigorate us, the interludes of non-rainy periods usher in humidity – an unavoidable guest. With persistent cloud cover even during dry spells, the humidity becomes unbearable, leaving us with that discomforting sticky sensation upon stepping outside. This pervasive humidity doesn't just affect our skin; it infiltrates our living spaces, subjecting everything to its unwelcome embrace.
This dampness also infiltrates our wardrobes, leaving them with a musty odour. The absence of the dryness that keeps odours and fungi at bay means that during each monsoon season, some of our belongings are inevitably impacted by these factors. But fret not, we're here with a compilation of tips aimed at maintaining the freshness, dryness, and fungus-free state of your wardrobe. With these insights, you can safeguard your clothes and possessions from the challenges brought by this season.

A few tips and tricks to keep dampness and its disastrous effects away


Although you might already have a washing routine that suits your needs, the arrival of the monsoon season brings an upsurge in the frequency of clothes needing a wash. Furthermore, the challenges posed by the rainy season might make certain clothing items, like jeans, less reusable. Hence, it becomes imperative to establish a new washing cycle tailored specifically for the monsoon months. Regularly laundering your clothes during this time will not only maintain their cleanliness and freshness but also decrease the likelihood of them falling victim to issues like fungal growth and more.

Occasionally, the humidity and stagnant air can impart an odd scent even to clothes that have been recently laundered and worn. Although unscented detergents are effective at cleaning, they might not eliminate this lingering odour. This is where scented detergents prove to be a blessing, particularly in the monsoon months. The delightful fragrance of these detergents works wonders in preventing the musty monsoon scent from clinging to your clothes.


When stowing away your newly laundered garments in your wardrobes during the monsoon, incorporating camphor balls becomes an essential practice. These small balls, enclosed within a packet and discreetly placed in a corner of your wardrobe, offer an invaluable boon. They not only repel fungi and other harmful microbes from your clothing but also maintain a dry environment within your wardrobe. This dual action works effectively to combat dampness and mustiness, consequently safeguarding your clothes from potential damage.

With the monsoon season ushering in heightened humidity levels and frequent bouts of rain, the appearance of sunlight becomes a rarity. As a consequence, the process of thoroughly drying your recently laundered clothes becomes an extended and demanding task. This prolonged drying period often results in clothes becoming a mixture of dampness and staleness, given their partially wet and partially dry state. Unfortunately, this condition can lead to garment deterioration and even the growth of fungus.

During rainy conditions, a pragmatic approach entails bringing your damp garments indoors, arranging them evenly, and utilising a fan's airflow to hasten the drying procedure.


Yet another vital stride in safeguarding your clothes against the adverse impacts of the monsoon is the thorough maintenance of your washing machine. The inherent stickiness in the air during this season leads to the adhesion of dirt, mud, and various other contaminants to our garments. As a parallel effect, these same impurities accumulate within our washing machines over time.

Consequently, it is imperative to incorporate a regular cleaning regimen for your washing machine, ideally between two laundry cycles. The accrued dirt and impurities, those which might not be washed away during the drainage process, necessitate meticulous removal to ensure the comprehensive cleansing of our clothes.

While cleaning washing machines, clothes, wardrobes and other things are essential, disinfecting is extremely important as well. The dampness and the stale humidity of the air also let fungus, bacteria and other germs flourish. Just simple cleaning will not kill these germs which is important to ensure our clothes do not get ruined. A DIY disinfectant, easily made from ingredients readily available in our home, will work wonders to kill the fungus, germs, etc. in our home while ensuring no added exposure to chemicals.


Addressing the challenge of persistent dampness in clothes that seem reluctant to dry, employing a hot iron emerges as an effective solution. Just as we smoothen out wrinkles from dry, laundered clothes, iron can be utilised to eliminate the lingering traces of moisture in our garments. This practice not only contributes to the enhanced preservation of our attire throughout the monsoon months but also extends their overall lifespan.

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