7 Modern Bookshelf Designs To Draw Inspiration From

Whether it is adding a character to your living room, or better organising your office, these modern bookshelf designs are sure to charm you.

Published On Feb 20, 2024 | Updated On Mar 11, 2024


Designing your ideal home can be quite exhausting. What wall colours, and accents to be incorporated, and then to find furniture that goes well with it is a long arduous process. Amidst this, secondary furniture like bookshelves and side tables often take a backseat. If that’s where you are in your interior design process, looking for bookshelf ideas, or you simply want to revamp your current bookshelf design, we have some simple and modern bookshelf designs for you.

Here are some modern bookshelf designs for you to draw inspiration from

Nothing beats a classic solid wood bookshelf design. Sturdy, and no-nonsense, these modern bookshelf designs are also quite flexible in terms of their style. They can fit into a study room with antique details, as well as they can in a living room with industrial design details. This chic book shelf design from Home Centre can also be used to accommodate small collectibles with the books to reflect your tastes.

Who said a book shelf design has to be a plain rectangle? Definitely not us! Big on individuality and customisation, this set of modern bookshelf designs by Ikea has been constructed with their small cabinets. Whether you go for the zigzag book shelf design that we love or incorporate individual cubes to add more space to other book shelf ideas, this is simply a win-win option.

While the majority of the bookshelf design ideas cater to living rooms or offices, this book shelf design is perfect for readers who love to take their books to bed. If reading before sleeping is your thing, these small shelves with drawers for your essential items and a separate space for books are the best bookshelf design for your bedroom.

If you want to go for the classic solid wood book shelf design but with a twist, may we present Wordle from SleepyHead which has different-sized sections for all the kinds of books you have. While you can use the bigger horizontal slots in this book shelf design for bigger encyclopedias, smaller ones can be used for stacking regular books, and coffee table books in the vertical section are sure to get you many compliments for the bookshelf design. You can also make use of this book shelf design for highlighting any trinkets or collectables put on display.

 Not all modern bookshelf designs need to be wooden finish, and in neutrals. This book shelf design in blue is a perfect pop of colour for your living or study room. You can also take inspiration from this book shelf design and tweak the colour according to the colour scheme of the room. Since this book shelf design has both open and closed components, you can also keep your rarer collection safe and away from the general wear and tear.

If space is a constraint for you, then this wall shelf modern design is just perfect. Easily installable, whether it is above your study desk or on your living room wall, this book shelf design is slick, and immediately elevates the look without taking up too much space. This wall shelf modern design does come with size limitations however, as it is advisable to only place smaller books on it. If you have a mix of book sizes, you can also pair this wall shelf with any other book shelf design to accomodate them all.

Who doesn’t love a book shelf design that keeps your precious books safe while also being visible! And this is exactly where modern bookshelf designs with glass doors come into the picture. Chic, and functional, this is also the best bookshelf design if you have kids, and would want to keep your books on display while also making sure they don’t get soiled. 

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