7 Living Room Rug Ideas To Add Character To Your Space

An understated piece of home accessory, the living room rug can either make or break the look of your room.

Published On Jan 26, 2024 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Often underrated, rugs have the potential to elevate the appearence of spaces. Living room rugs make up for the ultimate impression of your room. It is often essential to find the perfect rugs for your living room to set the right tone of the environment. Let's take a look at some of our suggestions for you to find the ideal rug for your living room. 

Here are a few of our rug suggestions that you can use in your living room

Nothing beats the classic stripes, and this beautiful living room rug twists it a little to perfectly complement the clean interiors of the room. If you are looking for understated rug design ideas, no matter what room you put it in, this rug from Jaipur Rugs is one of the best living room rugs you’ll find. Hand-knotted and sustainable, the living room rugs from this brand are all you need for your living room to shine through.

Handmade rug in terrain green, this is a great piece if minimalist textured living room rugs is what you’re looking for. Made by The Rug Story India, this beautifully textured rug is a great way to add character to your living room without breaking the colour scheme or standing out. This is also great if you are looking for living room carpet ideas but don’t want to go for stereotypical designs.

While muted living room rugs are fairly common, this abstract art design in red is what you should go for if making a statement is what you want to do. Bright, lively, and eye-catching, this living room rug is sure to be the scene stealer in the living room. From the brand Cocoon Fine Rugs, this beautiful red rug is one of the best maximalist rug decor ideas there are.

With newer concepts coming into the interior space, sustainability has been a key part of a lot of rug decor ideas. From experimenting with dhurries to incorporating scrap fabrics into the design, sustainable rug decor ideas are not only fun but also innovative. This living room rug from Humming Haus is made of hemp and adds an element of fun and thoughtfulness to the living room.

Woven in 100% wool, this living room rug from the brand From Jaipur With Love is one of the most classic designs when it comes to living room rugs. This beautiful patterned living room rug is perfect for muted decor as it’ll perfectly complement the setting while adding just a pop of colour.

Bright red, and summery, this living room rug is a great addition to not only the living spaces but also in the balcony, as is visible in the picture. Contrasting against the greens of the plants, this is one of the best living room rug ideas if a maximalist approach is what you’re going for. Alternatively, you can pair it with muted furniture to balance the pop of colour.

We cannot end the list of the best living room rug ideas without a floral rug, and this circular one perfectly fits the bill. While this living room rug has beautiful bright flowers, they are also set against a dark grey background creating a balanced look and making it one of the best rug design ideas. 

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