6 Health Benefits Of Banana Stem You Must Know About

Just like the banana, its stem too is high on nutrients and minerals.

Published On Apr 12, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


It may not come across that way, but the humble banana holds a special place in the gastronomic history of India. While other fruits come and go according to seasons, banana remains a constant fixture throughout the year. And why wouldn’t it be? Banana is known for being a treasure trove of nutrients and minerals, including potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

The benefits aren’t limited just to the fruit of a banana plant. The stem also contains amazing health benefits. In fact, it is a popular vegetable throughout south India and parts of West Bengal. There are others who drink the juice of banana stem, while others make stir-fries and curries with the flesh of the stem.

Scroll on to know the many, many ways the nutritious banana stem helps us lead a fit and fuss-free life.


Not just exercise, but what we eat also makes a large difference in shedding those extra calories. Drinking banana stem juice can be beneficial to achieve a fit body since it is rich in fibre. Bangalore-based food coach and nutritionist Anupama Menon says, “This component has the potential to eliminate fats. Also, it makes sure that the sugar and fats stored in our body’s cells are released slowly into the bloodstream, so we get a steady energy supply.” Apart from this, one also needs to consider the fact that the high fibre content in it makes us feel full faster and hence, we don’t end up overeating.

In his book, Beauty & Health Through Ayurveda, Rajasthan-based Ayurveda practitioner Padma Shri Suresh Chaturvedi, mentions that fresh banana stem juice curbs the thirst produced in choleric dehydration. 

Banana stem juice, if consumed on an empty stomach, can relieve us from hyperacidity, thanks to its astringent properties. Menon shares that the juice helps regulate the acidic levels in our body, and restore balance. 

“The high fibre content in banana stem not just helps in weight loss, but also treating constipation. It basically makes bowel movement easy by loosening the blockage and relieves us from the discomfort,” shares the nutritionist. Adding a banana stem to our daily diet can help us stay fit and healthy and keep our kidneys up and running. 


According to the expert, banana stem juice is a diuretic. “It helps flush out the toxins in our body and cleanses the urinary tract. As a result, your body is safeguarded against urinary tract infections (UTI). And, just in case, you already have UTI, this will help relieve the pain and discomfort caused,” she adds. Due to its diuretic property, the banana stem (juice, in particular) plays an important role in dissolving kidney stones and preventing the formation of more. 

“Banana stem contains a significant amount of iron and vitamin B6. This particular vitamin aids in the production and maintenance of haemoglobin levels,” explains Menon.

After this long list of benefits, are you motivated to experiment with the banana stem in your kitchen? Apart from the juice, you can add banana stem to a curry, toss it in a salad, make biryani/pulao with it, and if not that, turn it into a sweet dish.

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